Can I Replace E-Bike Brake Levers?

the male rider holds the brake levers tightly on the e-bike

Levers are an exposed and frequent part of the electric bike system. However, their position on the e-bike's handlebars can make them more susceptible to damage and wear than other parts of the braking system.

Fortunately, you can swap or replace your faulty or damaged e-bike's brake lever. However, to effectively swap it, you need to understand the type of brake lever you have in your electric bike and how to replace it.

So, in this article, we will help you understand the different types of e-bike brake levers, their compatibility, and how you can swap or replace damaged or faulty e-bike brake levers.

Keep reading for more detailed information.

What are the Reasons for Swapping E-Bike Brake Levers?

You may want to swap or interchange your e-bike brake levers for one of the following reasons:


Generally, electric bikes will lose a certain level of comfort as they age. It will have a negative effect on your biking experience.

Many riders usually swap certain parts of their electric bikes to get back that comfortable feel. And this includes the brake levers.

2.Wear and Tear

Brake levers are an exposed and frequently used part of an e-bike. Therefore, they are prone to wear out or tear with time, which reduces their efficiency and that of the brake activation system.

It necessitates swapping the worn-out brake lever to improve the efficiency of the e-bike.

3.Preference of the Bike Rider

Sometimes, the original brake levers that come with your e-bike might not suit you. For instance, the location of the throttle and brake lever may be too far apart or near for what you are accustomed to.

Therefore, you might want to swap the brake lever for another that suits your preference and hand movements.

the male rider holds the brake levers tightly on the e-bike
How to Swap E-Bike Brake Levers?

Electric bikes' brake systems and levers are complex, and swapping to other brake levers necessitates changes in other aspects like oil, nipple, cable, etc. Therefore, it is best to consult an experienced e-bike mechanic before making large swaps to your brake.

However, if you want to make a smooth and quick swapping to a lever within the specs of your bike and brake without negatively affecting the brake system or other parts of the bike, here is a guide for you:


  • Marker or chalk
  • Isopropyl alcohol

Installation Guide

Step 1: Strip off the tap on the bike's handlebar carefully. You can use isopropyl alcohol to remove the sticky residue on the handle.

Step 2: Use chalk or mark to make thick marks on the handlebars for the position of the brake lever clamps. It would help if you also marked where the rubber hoods connect with the e-bike's handlebar.

Step 3: Carefully unscrew the brake lever on the bike.

Step 4: Use the marks to guide the new brake lever in the correct position. You can then tighten it, attach the hoods, and ensure everything is secured properly.

Step 5: Test the new brake lever to see if there is enough tension and how tight it is.

Step 6: Repeat the above steps to install the second brake lever.

It is vital to ensure that both brake levers are aligned properly and suited to your bike's brake system and handlebar.

Types of E-Bike Brake Levers

Brake levers are classified according to the structure of the e-bike's handlebars. The two main types of e-bike brake levers are:

1.Flat or Upright Handlebar Brake Levers

The e-bike brake levers under this category include:

  • Long-pull brake levers

These brake levers are mostly found in and suited for;

  • V-brakes
  • Disc brakes

They have a long distance between the lever's pivot point and the cable's end, which means increased cable pull while moving the brake lever.

  • Short-pull brake levers

These levers are mostly found in and suited for;

  • Road calliper brakes
  • Cantilever brakes

There is a short distance between the lever's pivot point and the end of the cable. So, there is a lesser cable pull when you move the brake lever.

  • Flat-bar levers

These types of brake levers have a simple structure. For instance, they are normally put on the same mounting bracket as the shifter.

the rider with gloves holds the brake levers tightly on the e-bike
2.Drop-Bar E-Bike Brake Levers

The drop-bar brake levers have a variety of shapes and styles. Their design makes them easily accessible when the rider's hands are on the topmost or lowest part of the handlebars.

The brake levers under this category include:

  • Integrated e-bike brake levers

They combine the shifters and the brake levers into one. For instance, they activate the brake when you pull them towards the handlebar. And they activate the derailleur when you push them to the side.

  • Cross-top or Interrupter brake levers

They normally clamp onto the bike's handlebar near the stem instead of the higher or lower part.

They can work independently or with standard integrated levers and drop-bar levers.

The Brake Levers Compatibility

To properly choose a brake lever that is compatible with your brake system and suitable for your electric bike, you need to understand which brake levers are compatible.

The table below will help you understand the compatibility of e-bike brake levers:


Brake Lever Type Compatible with:
1 V-brake
  • 15mm cable pull
  • Linear-pull or direct-pull

  • MTB mechanical disc (15mm)
  • V-brake (15mm)
2 Road brake levers (7mm cable pull)
  • Road callipers (8mm)
  • Roller brake (7mm)
  • U-brake (7mm)
  • Mini V-brake (7mm)
  • Cantilever (7mm)
  • Road mechanical disc (8mm)
3 Road brake levers (8mm cable pull)
  • Road callipers (8mm)
  • Roller brake (7mm)
  • Road mechanical disc (8mm)
  • Cantilever (7mm)
  • Mini V-brake (7mm)
  • U-brake (7mm)
4 Cantilever
  • 7mm cable pull
  • center-pull
  • Cantilever (7mm)
  • Roller brake (7mm)
  • Mini V-brake (7mm)
  • Road callipers (7mm)
  • Road callipers (8mm)
  • U-brake (7mm)
  • Road mechanical disc (8mm)

the male rider with cycling gloves holds the brake levers tightly on the e-bike

Final Thought

With the information in this article, we hope you now understand the brake levers of your electric bike, their compatibility with other levers, and how to swap them effectively.

If you have questions or suggestions about replacing brake levers or other parts of e-bikes, feel free to contact our responsive customer support.

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so where do you buy the replacement part for the brake lever as mine broke for the poluno?

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