The Best E-Bike for Commuting Buying Guide

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An electric bike can make your daily commute much more enjoyable and comfortable. It can make your starts and stops a lot easier and allows you to reach your destination without feeling tired like you would on a non-electric bike. But what are the best e-bike for commuting?

Generally, there is nothing like "the best e-bike for commuting for everyone." However, there is a perfect e-bike for every rider.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best-dedicated e-bikes for commuting. We have also discussed the buying guide for the best e-bike for commuting.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading to learn more.

Three Best E-Bikes for Commuting Reviewed

In this section, we have reviewed our top three picks for the best electric bikes for commuting.

1.Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike:Best Overall

Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike

Key features:

  • Maximum speed: 15.5 miles per hour
  • Motor: 250W mid-drive motor
  • Total battery capacity: 522Wh (36 volts and 14.5 AH)
  • Gear system: 9-speed types
  • Estimated distance per single battery charge: Up to 80 miles
  • Payload capacity: 125kg

We are built to replace cars on your daily commute; the Polluno Pro Commuter e-bike is the Eskute's flagship commuter bike that provides a lot of bang for your buck. This Eskute bike has sustained an excellent reputation for being the best partner for daily commuting in the city and countrywide.

It is fitted with a more energy-efficient Bafang M200 250W mid-drive motor, efficient pedalling assistance (level 1-5), and a 9-speed gear system, which gives you loads of range and helps you get to work or your destination easily and faster.

Its maximum carrying capacity of 125kg allows you to carry your load while commuting to your office or home.

It is fitted with a large 522Wh battery. You can conveniently unclip the battery from the bike and carry it to your home or office to be charged. A battery can get a full charge within 4 hours. The estimated battery range is up to 80 miles if you have it in its most energy-efficient mode.

This bike also features an easy-to-read LED indicator that shows you the following;

  • Current speed
  • Pedal-assistant level
  • Mileage
  • Battery status

The only notable downside of this commuter e-bike is that its weight of 27.5kg makes it relatively heavy to carry.

2.Wayfarer Electric Bike: Best budget option

a lady with a white helmet parks the wayfarer commute e-bike for a rest

Key features:

  • Maximum speed: 15.5 miles per hour
  • Motor: 250W gear-hub motor
  • Total battery capacity: 360Wh (36 volts and 10 AH)
  • Gear system: 7-speed types
  • Estimated distance per single battery charge: Up to 40 miles
  • Payload capacity: 120kg

If you love the ultra-posh e-bikes of the world but find it hard to swallow the price, here is a not so well kept secret: "You do not have to spend almost 4-figure euros to get a luxury commuter electric bike.

At around £899, the Wayfarer electric bike is a more economical entry into the luxury commuting electric bike market.

It comes with a 7-speed gear system and 360Wh battery, meaning you can commute at the bike's maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour for a long time before you start worrying about your battery running out.

Its Bafang 250W brushless gear hub motor unlocks the ability to ride on all types of terrain. It makes you get to your destination faster and more easily.

This bike has flat handlebars, which make the bike's handling quick and easy. It also gives you a more upright riding position.

The bike is equipped with an LCD digital panel to display real-time feedback on vital information such as;

  • Battery life
  • Pedal assist level
  • Total distance covered
  • Current speed
  • Speedometer

It is a top-quality electric bike that will serve your commuter life very well at a relatively affordable price.

3.Netuno Electric Mountain Bike: Best for rough terrain commuting

Key features:

  • Maximum speed: 15.5 miles per hour
  • Motor: 250W gear-hub motor
  • Total battery capacity: 522Wh (36 volts and 14.5 AH)
  • Gear system: 7-speed types
  • Estimated distance per single battery charge: Up to 65 miles
  • Payload capacity: 125kg

It was built on the chasing of an electric mountain bike, and the Netuno eMTB is a super powerful commuter bike that reigns king across all types of road surfaces. Therefore, if your commute features a smattering of hills and variable terrain, Netuno eMTB is a perfect option.

It is equipped with a monster G020 250W gear hub motor custom-built by Bafang and powered by a 522Wh battery. This motor produces far more watts, and in the highest PAS setting, you are guaranteed effortless rides, making commuting on hills and rough terrains much easier.

£1,199, the Netumo eMTB sits solidly with other best commuters. Its frame is designed around comfort, making it an ideal option for all types of commuters.

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best E-Bike for Commuting

Here are some of the factors you need to consider while screening for the best electric bike for commuting;

  • Battery

Regarding the battery of an e-bike for commuting, you need to consider whether the bike comes with an integrated or removable battery.

A removable battery is ideal if you want to lock up your electric bike somewhere outside, so you can unclip it and carry it into your office or house.

  • Range

An average commute in the United Kingdom (UK) is about 20 miles. Therefore, the best electric bike for commuting should be able to go twice that estimated distance (a minimum of 40 miles on a single battery charge).

For instance, it should be able to take you to and from work on a single battery charge.

  • Power and Speed

The best electric bike for commuting should have a powerful motor that provides enough power to get you to and from your destination without having to break much sweat.

Besides, the best commuter bikes should be fast. And all our Eskute electric bikes for commuting can reach a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour.

  • Comfort

The best e-bike for commuting should at least feel something like sitting on a well-balanced eMTB.

For instance, it should be comfortable enough to reach your destination without feeling back pain. You should also arrive at your destination less tired than you would on a non-electric bike.

a man stand in the street and holds his commuting electric bike

Final Thought

In the e-biking world, there is no such thing as the best electric bike for commuting. However, at Eskute, we have different e-bikes for commuting that fits every rider's daily commuting needs.

We hope this article has helped you decide which top electric bike to buy if you want a more convenient commuting experience.

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