12 Unique Christmas Gifts for Cyclists in 2023


Like most activities, cycling is more than a sport, and it's a lifestyle. That's why getting the ideal Christmas gift for your cyclist friend or loved one is meaningful. However, deciding the best fit for the recipient is quite simple. The ideal gift should make the bike rides more comfortable, motivate, or guarantee safety during bike rides.

Today, we'll highlight 12 unique gift suggestions that male and female cyclists will love. The best part is that these gifts are generally affordable. At the end of this piece, you should know the perfect gift for your cyclist friend or lover.

Cycling gifts for him

First, we'll look at gifts male riders will appreciate. So, without further ado, here are six cycling gits for him.

Bike Helmet

A helmet may not seem appealing as a gift since most riders already own one, but the Eskute bike helmet feels and looks unique to entice any biker. This helmet has a lightweight design and air vents for optimal air circulation. The helmet is also easy to adjust, so the giftee will have no issues putting it on.

Bike Rack

Eskute's bike rack is an excellent gift for your cyclist friend if they have a bike but no rack. Riders can mount valuable items like child bike seats, panniers, saddle packs, etc. This bike rack can carry heavier items than most bike racks on the market. In addition, this rear back rack is designed to safeguard your e-bike's frame.


Bike Saddle

A bike saddle makes rides more comfortable, which makes them a necessity for riders. So, why not improve the comfort of a loved one by gifting them Eskute's saddle? The bike seat is lightweight and soft thanks to the high-density foam and silicone gel padding in the seats. The narrow design makes this bike seat perfect for male cyclists who enjoy racing.

This saddle's ergonomic design promotes air circulation, keeping riders warm and dry. Furthermore, the non-slip strip design ensures the saddle's cover doesn't slide around during rides.

Bike Lock

Eskute's bike lock is a simple-to-use lock that works on most bikes. The cable makes it easy to lock detachable parts such as bike lights, tires, or saddles. A bike lock can be a thoughtful gift for your cyclist friend/lover because it helps keep their valuable bikes safe. However, remember that bike locks are preventive measures against theft rather than solutions.

Netuno Electric Mountain Bike

If you want a gift that's sure to blow away the recipient, the Eskute Netuno is an excellent candidate. This bike is perfect for exhilarating bike rides or leisure commutes around the city. With the 250w brushless gear hub motor, riding on rugged terrain is not an issue. You can trust the engine to keep you moving.

The detachable lithium-ion battery powers this machine, providing a 60-mile range on a single charge. Additionally, the LCD panel displays essential data, including battery life, current riding distance, and so on. Moreover, you can connect your mobile phone to the e-bike via Bluetooth. And it can also work as a power bank to charge your mobile devices.


Mudguards are a thoughtful gift for a biker who enjoys riding on rough, muddy terrain because it protects riders from mud splatter, keeping clothing dry and clean. Eskute's lightweight mudguards are easy to install on most bikes and don't feel clunky during rides. Moreover, they're quite affordable, so you don't have to spend exorbitantly on this helpful accessory.

eskute electric mountain bike on the mountain top is equipped with mudguards

Cycling gifts for her

Now, are you searching for the perfect gift for the female cyclist in your life? Read on as we highlight six excellent options.

Bike Bag

The Eskute bike bag is a handy gift for any biker. This bag has different compartments for storing essential items like helmets, biking gear, snacks, clothing, etc. So, if you know a cyclist carrying a lot of stuff, this bag can be a valuable gift.

Phone Holder

While riding, taking your phone out of your pocket can be inconvenient and dangerous. Eskute's phone holder allows riders to mount their phone on the bike, making it easy to reach. The plastic and rubber build makes this phone holder easily adjustable while gripping the bike securely. Moreover, the phone holder can rotate 360 degrees.

You can thoroughly enjoy the ride because the silicone contact surface shields your phone from scuffs and dampens vibrations caused by the movements. This phone holder can hold all 4.5-inch to 7-inch smartphones, and the mount is suitable for mounting on mountain bikes, scooters, motorbikes, etc.

Ebike Display

Your loved one will be thrilled to receive an e-bike display this holiday season if they don't already have one. The Eskute display with side-key displays important bike information like total mileage, battery level, speedometer, odometer, etc., for riders. This display also features excellent battery life and is easy to install. So, the lucky recipient can install it in a few minutes. However, note that this display is only compatible with Eskute bikes.

Bike Frame Bag

Bike frame bags are an excellent option for securing smartphones during rides. The material of this bag is waterproof and dustproof. The touch screen is made of a high-sensitivity TPU that responds swiftly, so you can conveniently answer calls or navigate maps. However, the frame bag will be unusable during rain showers.

Additionally, a sun visor on the top of the bag allows riders to see their phone's screen correctly, even in sunlight. The concealed earphone hole makes it easy to listen to music on the go for a more enjoyable riding experience.

Moreover, the frame bag features storage compartments for items such as keys, phone chargers, wallets, etc. So, get this product for that loved one addicted to their smartphone.

Bike Baskets

Bike baskets are a useful storage option for riders with many items. You can put your groceries, gadgets, clothing, etc., in Eskute's bike basket. Despite being lightweight, the Eskute's basket can carry heavy items. Moreover, bikers can mount this basket on the bike's front or back. So, purchase this basket for someone who needs more storage options.

Polluno Electric City Bike

Polluno Electric City Bike

One of the most reliable, comfortable, and affordable e-bikes you can gift someone is the Polluno electric city bike. This vehicle is easy to maintain and features a quiet motor suitable for cruising around town. The in-built LCD panel displays vital riding information, including the speedometer, battery level, odometer, etc., to keep riders aware of their bike's status.

The 250-Watt Bafang G010 rear hub motor ensures that this bike can easily ride on bumpy terrain. The wide saddle design also makes this bike more comfortable for female riders. Additionally, this electric bicycle can ride for 65 kilometres on a single charge. If you're looking for a bike that gets around swiftly and comfortably, consider the Polluno.


If you were undecided about a gift to offer a dear one, this article has highlighted 12 unique gifts that they're sure to love. Even if the cyclists already own similar products, Eskute's products offer a unique experience that will entice them. These items will be a fantastic present for cyclists even if they own identical products. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and purchase a gift for that special cyclist in your life.

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