Protecting Your Ebike Battery with Battery Bags

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Most e-bikes have their batteries attached to the body of the bike. The battery connected to the bike frame means the bike offers some form of protection for the battery. However, some DIYers or people have decided to transform their standard cycles into e-bikes.

Changing bikes is easy, but it often creates a problem; there's nowhere to place the battery. The only way to solve this problem is to procure a battery bag. There might be occasions when you need to carry an extra battery during a ride.

The best way to carry that extra battery is with a battery bag. Most battery bags are waterproof, so they protect ebike batteries from rain. So let's delve into why ebike battery bags are an accessory you must consider.

What's an Ebike Battery Bag?

An electric bike battery bag is an accessory that allows you to carry your bike battery or other riding items. It usually comes in hard plastic or soft case material. The battery bags could also be triangular or rectangular.

As we said, most bikes come with batteries attached to the frame. For off-road riders, this could easily damage the batteries. Most ebike battery bags are waterproof, protecting your electric batteries from rain or mud.

E-bike carries its replacement battery in a battery bag

Hard Case Vs. Soft Battery Bag

When picking the type of electric bike battery bag you want, one question often pops up more than most. Should you go for a hard case or a soft case battery bag? Both have reasons why they are better than the other. We will highlight why each one is great and leave you to make your decision.


The apparent winner in this category is the soft case battery bag. Many bag manufacturers use tough but lightweight neoprene, which weighs next to nothing. Though many hard case battery bags are also lightweight, they still weigh at least a couple of kilos.

If the bag's weight is a dealbreaker, then the soft case bag is ideal for you. However, we think weight shouldn't be the only deciding factor when picking your battery bag.

Battery Protection

Apart from being an accessory for transporting batteries, the ebike battery bags should also offer some protection. For this category, the hard case bags win. The rugged exterior ensures that the bag protects its contents from falling or shocks from a bumpy road.

While the soft case bags might have some cushion to protect the battery, it doesn't offer the same protection as hard case bags. Insulation is also essential if you live in cold regions. Hard-case battery bags provide more insulation than soft-case ones, ensuring a longer life for your batteries.

In our opinion, the level of protection a battery bag offers your electric battery should rank high on your list of criteria. For this round, the rugged case bag wins easily.

a soft battery cover bag protects e-bike battery on the e-bike

Benefits of a Battery Bag

There are various reasons why a battery bag is beneficial to you. Let's discuss some of them.


Maintaining battery temperature is vital to prolonging your e-bike's battery life. Most battery bags do this job perfectly. They have an added insulating layer that helps keep them warm in cold weather and cool enough when the weather gets hot.

Maintaining optimum battery temperature is essential for your bike's battery life. When the surrounding temperature gets too cold, the ebike temperature has to make up for it by generating heat. Also, when the weather gets too hot, it affects your electric bike's battery.

The work the battery does to generate heat often reduces battery life. Maintaining the correct temperature is why the battery insulation battery bags can offer so important.


Using ebike battery bags also gives you the advantage of securing your bike battery. The electric bike's batteries are usually a target for thieves, as they are small and easier to steal than the whole bike.

Most battery bags have locks that secure their contents if you have to park. They are also handy, so you can carry your battery on your person whenever you leave your ebike. Though doing that might result in disconnecting and reconnecting the battery often, which will be inconvenient.

No battery bag will provide total security for your electric bag's battery. Still, you will deter most thieves from attempting it. Or at least make it more difficult for them to steal the batteries.

Extra Luggage Space

Who doesn't love extra luggage space? Having a battery bag, especially the lithium battery bags, which a bigger, gives you that extra space to tuck in an item or two. A battery bag's extra space might differ between lugging a backpack or travelling light.

For instance, having extra luggage space in your battery bags allows you to always have your battery charger handy. Or to store some bike accessories that you might need later.

If the extra luggage space interests you, you could deliberately get a battery bag more considerable than your ebike battery.

Longer Ride Time

A fully charged ebike battery lasts between 100 and 120 kilometres before running out. An ebike battery bag allows you to double that distance by carrying an extra battery.

While your ebike already comes with a battery, you can get an extra one, store it in a battery bag, and enjoy more riding time on your bike. Imagine a world where you don't have to worry about charging your batteries for an estimated two hundred and forty kilometres. That's possible with an ebike battery bag.

The ebike battery is stored in the battery bag on the rear rack


They do their primary job, whether a soft or hard case battery bag. That job is to house either your extra battery or your primary one. Before getting a battery bag, consider the size, level of insulation, waterproofing, and protection it offers your battery.

Getting a battery bag might be the only barrier stopping you from enjoying longer rides, adding an extra layer of protection for the ebike and a better ride experience. Check out other blog posts for more helpful tips.

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