Is a 1000W E-bike The Best Purchase For You?

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What Are The Benefits Of Buying An E-bike?

Electric bikes are an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to cars. Compared to another motor vehicle, owning an e-bike means you'll save gas money and reduce your carbon footprint, not to mention finding parking will be way easier!

Who would say no to those benefits when you could ride in style?

Sure, you could get a regular bicycle. It's cheaper and also helps to save the planet. But you'd be missing out! This research has shown that electric bike riders tend to get out more often.

Not only that, but they are keener to experiment with the route they take.

If you want yet another reason to buy an e-bike, you should know that, for the moment, there is no requirement for a licence in the UK to drive these electric bikes.

It is excellent news because it makes e-bikes the perfect vehicle for those who don't yet have a licence, those who can't drive anymore or don't those who are not planning to get one.

Here's a government website where you can check, state by state, if a licence is required or not.

Are All E-Bikes The Same?

Like all vehicles, electric bikes also come in various motor sizes. They start from 250 Watts and go all the way up to 1000W.

In simple terms, the bigger the number, the more powerful (and fast) the bike will go. It also means that the bike can sustain weight and consume less battery power by going a similar distance.

You must remember that not all bikes are made equal.

So as we're moving on with the facts and get ready to determine how fast and far different bikes can go, you need to keep in mind the aspects that influence the performance. But it's explained in more detail below.

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How Fast And Far Does A 1000W Bike Go?

Let's take a 1000W electric bike, which is considered an exciting ride.

An e-bike with this power will be perfect for your trips off-road and be more efficient in saving battery, even in intense terrain situations.

Ok, but how fast will it go? Well, with 1000W, you can travel at speeds up to 30-35mph. Yes, that's a lot for a bike!

Regarding how far a 1000W e-bike can go, the batteries typically allow you to cover 22 to 60 miles on a single charge.

What Factors Influence The Speed Of A 1000W e-Bike?

You must remember that factors can affect a battery's performance and the speed and distance an electric bike can take you.

These will be influenced by the type of terrain, the steepness of your climbs, and how heavy you are on the throttle (or firm you are on the pedals).

That said, if you're mainly using your 1000W e-bike for commuting and are travelling on a relatively flat or slightly hilly trail at a leisurely pace, you can expect your single-charged battery to get up to 64 miles.

The more you ride, the more experience and insight you gain on your bicycle, and this will allow you to understand how to conserve and optimise your e-bike battery as you travel.

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Are 1000W Too Much For My E-Bike?

It is a tricky question. To answer it, I'd need to know what you'll be using your electric bike for.

Although e-bikes are cheaper than a car, they're still an investment, so you want to ensure you get the one that suits you best, the one that works for you.

As I said at the beginning, e-bikes' power often ranges from 250W to 1000W. The perfect e-bike depends on how and where you plan on riding more often.

So, How do you understand how much power you actually need?

If you're the type for adventures, who loves to escape the city and dive into hours-long expeditions away from all civilisation, you'd love an e-bike that can go for miles on end without needing a charge.

One bike that can handle hills and wind with ease while still being able to carry heavy loads. It's a no-brainer that, in this case, a 1000W is the correct buy.

On the other hand, if you're more the city commuter type of person, your riding conditions are not likely to vary so drastically.

If you ride on fairly even terrain, and you can easily find places to charge your bike in case of need, then a 250W-350W motor might be able to serve you very well.

And even if you decide to go for short trips or leisurely rides around town or through nature, a smaller motor will still do the trick.


So, is the 1000W e-bike the best fit for you?

The main difference, specs aside, while choosing between the 1000w and 250w models, resides in the cost. With more power comes a larger price tag.

That is why you should choose wisely beforehand, especially if you are on a tight budget.

So, if you're the adventurer that practically lives on trails, then by any means, go with the 1000w motor e-bike. She's the right fit for you.

But, if you want to change your lifestyle and help the environment, less power will serve you perfectly!

Here is one of the best bikes for the everyday rider in that 250W-350W sweet motor range spot.

a woman in cycling clothes is pedalling polluno e-bike

The Polluno Electric City Bike is an affordable, reliable and economical bike built especially for commuters. It's perfect on every urban incline, and its battery is estimated to last up to 65 miles with one single charge!

If you are still unsure about which bike is best for you, why don't you take a quiz and find out?

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