Folding Electric Bike V.S. Normal Electric Bike

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Do you have difficulty in choosing between a folding electric bike and a normal electric bike? We understand how challenging that decision could be. However, electric bikes have drastically changed over time, so it’s not unusual for buyers to get confused.

Nevertheless, you can make an informed decision! In this article, we’ve provided comprehensive details about folding e-bikes and normal e-bikes. The differences we’ve highlighted will make you settle with the best choice!

What Is A Folding Electric Bike And How Does It Differ From A Normal Electric Bike?

A folding electric bike is the outcome of the synergy between electric bikes and folding bikes. Folding electric bikes possess the ability of two distinct categories of bikes. It comes with motor system power for excellent performance and can be folded easily. How does a folding electric bike differ from a normal electric bike? Folding e-bikes are an easy-to-store solution, and normal electric bikes are not. This isn’t the only difference, but it is still the primary difference between the two types of e-bikes!

Pros Of Normal Electric Bikes

  1. Lightweight

Normal electric bikes are lighter when compared to folding bikes. The weight of most folding bikes ranges from 18 lbs to 35 lbs. Generally, lighter versions of folding bikes are more expensive. However, if you crave lightweight, normal electric bikes will fit that need.

  1. Price

The price of normal electric bikes is often less expensive when compared to their folding counterparts. You won’t have to pay for the extra feature ─ folding capability. If you are on a budget, settle with one of the normal e-bikes on the market.

  1. Less Stiff Ride

Normal electric bikes offer less bumpy, stiffer rides compared to folding bikes. Because of their tire sizing, normal electric bikes handle bumps well. For a ride as smooth as butter, normal electric bikes are the best choice.

  1. Sturdy And Rugged

Riders of normal electric bikes can carry more weight because these bikes are sturdy and rugged. If you often carry hefty luggage, you can’t go wrong with a normal bike with a sizable chassis, thick wheels, and a robust frame. The power that normal e-bikes come with allows you to explore several off-road routes. With normal electric bikes, navigate roads you’d not have been able to navigate with traditional bikes.

  1. Tons Of Fun

Normal electric bikes allow cyclists to experience all the joys of cycling. Riders can take a leisurely ride or enjoy some personal time.

Cons Of Normal Electric Bikes

  1. Cost Of Maintenance

The cost of maintaining normal electric bikes can be a major drawback. For instance, battery replacement is one of the maintenance you should anticipate after purchase. However, compared to the upkeep of a normal traditional bike, it might be a small price.

  1. Rules Aren’t Always Clear

In many countries, the rules of using normal electric bikes on the road remain a grey area. In addition, the classifications of normal electric bikes vary from country to country. Thus it might be confusing to figure out the rule for riding your electric bike. So before you invest in any, check local laws for details on where you can ride them.

  1. Batteries Can Be A Problem

If you do not have access to charging stations, a normal electric bike might not be practical. To avoid inconveniences that might come from your battery running down suddenly, always keep an eye on it! To use less battery, easily switch riding modes. This gives you more control over how much you depend on your battery.

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Who Might An Electric Bike Be Useful For?

  1. Off-Road Riders- With the battery-powered “pedal-assist” that electric bikes are made with, off-road riders do not have to worry about challenging terrain. They can excellently conquer hills and inclines.
  2. Those Who Want To Stay Fit-While it is pedal-assisted, riding an e-bike is still an exercise. And as a result, it is good for physical and mental health.
  3. Low on Budget-To save more money in the long run, use an electric bike instead of a motor vehicle. After a full charge, the affordable battery will last from 15 miles to 50 miles.
  4. Those Who Want To Reduce Their Carbon Prints-Global warming and climate change are serious issues. Since electric bikes emit lower pollution than cars and motorcycles, you will improve air quality by using e-bikes.
  5. Lovers Of Modern Inventions-Those who love modern inventions can harness the power of these sexy and sleek bikes. They can use it as a sustainable mode of transportation.

Why People Prefer Foldable E-bikes

  • Excellent Performance, Great Appearance:For the new foldable bikes that are designed today, most users are young adults. Why? Young adults are keen on a bike that’s appealing in terms of performance and style. Fittingly, that’s what a foldable electric bike does. A foldable e-bike offers varying speed modes. Options available to riders include manual, turbo, and electric modes. These allow riders to select the right modes that suit their riding requirements.
  • Portability and Compactness:Foldable electric bikes come with strong battery life and fast-folding ability. Once users fold them, it becomes minimal in size, saving space. In addition, foldable e-bikes can be folded easily anywhere and anytime. For example, they are easily folded into the car's trunk before heading for work if you want to avoid traffic jams. This will prevent you from getting to work late. There is more; you can even fold them into a bag for convenience. An attached handle is designed for users who need to park or charge their folding electric bikes.
  • Foldable E-bikes Are Affordable:When compared to vehicles and motorcycles, the cost of purchasing a foldable e-bike is lower. This makes foldable e-bikes affordable. Thus, if you can’t purchase a car or motorcycle or are on a budget, opt for foldable electric bikes.

Foldable E-bikes Advantages And Myths

Foldable e-bikes have advantages and myths. What are they? We'll discuss them below.

Advantages Of A Folding E-bike

Foldable e-bikes have several advantages over other means of transportation. These are:

  1. Do Not Require Exclusive Bike License: Folding electric bikes isn’t classified as power-assistance transport, mopeds, or motorcycle. Since their operation is strictly half-manual, their classification falls under regular bicycles. This classification offers riders impressive freedom. Riders of folding electric bikes will have the liberty to ride any brand without getting an exclusive bike license.
  2. Optimized Protection Against Theft: Typically, all types of bikes are susceptible to theft. While many bike owners will invest in chains and locks to prevent their bikes from being stolen, the sad reality is that bike thieves can still break the strongest lock. Nevertheless, folding bikes have the edge over other types of bikes. You can take it along with you without a hitch. As a result, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will always find your bike beside you each time you look at your side. In addition, since folding an e-bike takes up less storage space, you can store your bike somewhere safe. Moreover, you’d not have to sacrifice valuable garage, floor space, and wall space.
  3. More Accessible & Lightweight: As noted earlier, folding bikes are generally heavier than conventional bikes. Notwithstanding, they are still lightweight. In addition, they have a sleek folding structure that delivers easy mounts and dismount. If you settle with one of the best folding e-bikes in the market, you will access one of the lightweight bikes.
  4. Effortless & Non-Sweaty Commuting: One of the reasons a few people have stopped riding to work is the profuse sweating that results from a long ride. If your office doesn’t have a shower, you will think twice before riding to work. With foldable e-bikes, you bid that worry goodbye. A foldable electric bike comes with motor assistance that reduces the work done while riding, giving riders sufficient time to regain the strength of pedalling for long hours. This way, riders of foldable e-bikes will always stay cool and fresh, even during hot days.
  5. Never Run Out Of Juice: Foldable e-bikes can be operated manually. For example, if you have to use the bike when your battery is down, flex your muscles and ride your bike like a normal bike. This makes this bike extraordinarily functional, offering you the confidence to go more miles without the fear that your battery might run down.
  6. Avoid Traffic: Generally, you must obey all traffic rules when riding a foldable e-bike. However, you can use it to beat the traffic in some cases. Since it fits perfectly into alleyways and sidewalks, you can use your foldable e-bike in these spots to avert traffic. When you ride in an urban area, always check your surroundings. That is the best way to avoid traffic completely!
  7. Ease of Maintenance: Foldable electric bikes don’t require any special maintenance techniques. Apart from charging up the battery and replacing the battery, its maintenance rate is nearly the same as that of other bikes.
  8. Keep Your Health In Check: Folding electric bikes offer riders the chance to burn calories while engaging in their daily business. Today, many people give a lack of time as an excuse for not exercising. But anyone who takes advantage of folding electric e-bike will no longer give this excuse. Instead, just turn the motor system on and enjoy the pleasant ride back home or to work. By the time you get home, you’d have shed some calories.

Myths About Folding E-bike

For every device, there is a myth behind it. The same is true with folding e-bikes. Let’s explore some of these myths.
  • Folding E-bikes Break Easily: Many people think that folding e-bikes breaks easily. As a result, they claim that it is less durable. One of the reasons this myth is famous is that the bike folds. Foldable e-bikes are as solid as other normal electric bikes. To prevent any potential problem and increase durability, manufacturers reduce the load on the joints and hinges.
  • Folding E-Bikes Are Expensive: While many foldable e-bikes might be expensive, it's still very affordable due to their motor system components. Strength, aesthetics, and design are factors that might determine the price of a particular brand of foldable e-bike. From $500 to $1000, you can get a durable bike.
  • Folding E-bikes Are Slow: This is completely wrong. Foldable electric bikes can outrun some conventional bikes. They can reach speeds of nearly 20mph even without the motor-assisted feature. When you apply the electric motor system, you’ll be faster than you can expect. You can be sure that in terms of speed, you won’t suffer.
  • They Are Not Street Legal: That’s false. In Canada and some other parts of the world, foldable e-bikes are street legal. If a rider meets the entire specific requirement for riding, they are free to ride on the street. However, you must be 14 years old to ride on the main street. In addition, the bike must weigh below 90 lbs. And of course, you must wear a helmet. Just make sure you read and understand local laws before use.
  • They Are Not Fashionable: I’m even sure you’d not want to purchase a folding e-bike from the ‘70s! However, modern folding electric bikes are fashionable. They come with a sleek and sexy design. One of the reasons for their present fame is because of their designs. They occupy less space, are comfortable, and can be easily transported.

Should You Get A Non-Folding Or Foldable E-bike?electric bikeFolding electric bikes have a lot to offer both newbie and cycling enthusiasts. What will help you know whether a non-folding or folding e-bike is best for you? How you plan to use it!

Also we have some tips for you to choose normal electric bikes.Thus, write down the factors you seek in an e-bike and pick the type of bike that fits your needs and requirements.

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