Haibikes V.S. Eskute: A Tale of Two Companies

Eskute Electric Mountain Bike at the mountain top

Comparing Haibike and Eskute is challenging as both manufacturers are market innovators. There are 73 bikes in Haibike's mountain e-bike section, and Eskute produces eight Eskute e-bikes for now.

Yet, since they both make electric bikes that compete in the market segment or classification, there is a basis for comparison, which is what we have decided to do. We have to state here that we are using figures provided by both companies for our comparison.

Apart from comparing both bikes, we will give a brief perspective of both companies and share our verdict after reaching. All set? Let's get to it.

Who Are Haibike

Haibike is an electric bike manufacturing company that started in Germany. Their dedication to precision, innovation, comfort, the need to involve everyone in biking regardless of skill, and to be the best is evident in all the e-bikes they make.

Haibike has classified its electric bikes into four categories. There are mountain e-bikes, trekking e-bikes, S-Pedelecs (city electric bikes), and electric bikes for kids. Haibike has over forty electric bikes in different sizes and grades, so everyone can get a bike that suits them at Haibike.

Some of their innovation makes their electric bikes one of the few to incorporate in-tube batteries. The battery location protects their e-bike batteries from theft, something many other electric bike manufacturers can't offer. Also, their use of carbon frames for some of their bikes, or a carbon-aluminium mixture, means the bike frames are solid and light.

In general, Haibike has built a reputation for providing top-performance electric bikes. These bikes are available in various categories and sizes to suit everyone interested in owning an e-bike.

Who Are Eskute


Unlike Haibike, Eskute is a relatively young company. The company started in 2019 with one dream; to provide a cheap and viable alternative to emission-fuel engines. Eskute's goal is not just to offer electric bikes but to help those who need to be more robust to pedal long distances and uphill pedalling. For those who love to ride bicycles, the Eskute bicycle brings convenience to their lives while enjoying a certain amount of physical exercise while staying green.

There are two categories of e-bikes manufactured by Eskute. The mountain electric bikes and electric hybrid bikes. Though Eskute has a limited variety of e-bikes, it doesn't take anything from the fact that a young company is already making a name for itself.

Something becomes very clear when one takes a cursory look through Eskute bikes. They produce e-bikes that can compete favourably with other bikes in their category or classification, and their prices beat most of their competitors.

Haibike e-Bikes V.S. Eskute e-Bikes

Now that we have a rough idea of who the electric bike manufacturers are let's delve into an analysis of their bikes. Since it will be unfair to compare electric bikes, we have decided to pick two bikes from two categories; electric mountain bikes and city bikes.

The Haibikes electric bikes are the ALLMTN SE, HARDNINE 4, TREKKING S10 MID, and SDURO TREKKING S 9.0 MID. For the Eskute electric bikes, the Electric Mountain Bike series: Netuno and Netuno Pro in 2022, Voyager and Voyager pro in 2021; the Electric City Bike series: Polluno and the Polluno Pro in 2022, Wayfarer and Wayfarer pro in 2021. Eskute plans to launch 12 new e-bikes in the following year, 2023.

Electric Mountain Bikes

  • ALLMTN SE VS Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike

ALLMTN SE full carbon eMTB

Both electric mountain bikes are the flagship of their manufacturers. The ALLMTN SE has a full carbon frame and achieves speeds of up to 15.5mph.

On the other hand, the Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike has an aluminium frame. Still, it matches the ALLMTN in terms of power with a 250W Mid-drive motor that provides 80Nm torque as well. Its max speed is also 15.5mph. They are both equipped with mid-drive for a more natural and balanced riding experience.

The Netuno Pro has a 9-gear system that allows riders to make seamless transitions depending on the terrain. It, however, has nothing on the ALLMTN SE, whose 12-gear speed gear is a rider's fantasy. Netuno Pro has a payload capacity of 125kg (120kg for the ALLMTN SE).

ALLMTN SE is a full-suspension eMTB with suspension on both front and rear wheels to absorb more bumps off-road, a beast for mountain biking. However, Netuno Pro is a hardtail electric MTB designed for everyday riding for people in mountainous regions.

Price is the last important factor you should consider. ALLMTN SE from Haibike, sold at £9,499.00, is out of stock now. ESKUTE Netuno Pro is only £1,999.00, more affordable, and in stock now; you'll only need to wait for the arrival for about a week after placing the order.

  • HARDNINE 4 VS Netuno E-Mountain Bike

The Hardnine 4 is one of the cheapest electric mountain bikes Haibike has in its stable. Unlike the ALLMTN SE, the Hardnine 4 has a more common aluminium frame, as a less sporty Bosch Performance Line electric motor that delivers about 65Nm of torque. Its maximum speed is 15.5mph.

The Netuno E-Mountain Bike also has an aluminium frame. Its geared hub motor can only produce 45Nm of torque. Both e-mountain bikes have a maximum speed of 15.5mph.

When it comes to battery capacity, the Netuno wins. It has a total battery capacity of 522Wh, while Hardnine 4 Bosch PowerTube battery has an inferior full battery capacity of 400Wh.

The Hardnine 4 has a 9-speed gear system, while the Netuno has 7. The total payload capacity of the Hardnine 4 maxes out at 120kg. The Netuno can carry an extra five kilos more than the Hardnine.

Netuno is equipped with a bike computer with an LED display and you can charge your mobile device via the Type-C port under the display. In addition, you can connect your mobile phone to the e-bike via Bluetooth to monitor current parameters, a high-tech interaction on the e-bike that the Hardnine 4 does not have.

charge mobile devices via the type-C port under the display of Eskute Netuno

Electric City Bikes

Haibikes' electric city bikes come with the classification S-Pedelecs. We are examining two e-bikes from their array of cycles; the Trekking S10 MID and Sduro Trekking S 9.0 MID. For the Eskute city e-bikes, we are looking at the Polluno Electric City Bike and the Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike.

  • Trekking S10 MID VS Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike

These two e-bikes continue the trend established when we examined e-mountain bikes. The Haibike slightly leads in performance, but the Eskute forces itself into the conversation with its unbelievable price.

Take a look at Trekking S10 MID's figures, aluminium frame, 85Nm torque, 28mph max speed, 625Wh total battery capacity. Compare those figures with Polluno Pro's 65Nm torque, 15.5mph, and 522Wh.

When you factor in those stats, then look at the price difference. The Polluno Pro is pretty decent for only £1,899.00.

  • Sduro Trekking S9,0 MID VS Polluno Electric City Bike

The Sduro Trekking S9.0 MID is the answer to commuting around the city. The e-bike comes with a 500W Yamaha PW-System electric motor and a unique 20-shift gear. The motor can carry to e-bike to speeds of up to 28mph. The e-bike's Yamaha Lithium-ion battery has a total battery capacity of 500wh.

In comparison, Eskute Polluno Electric City Bike is more about enjoying your commute through the urban centre, and its figures show this. The e-bike has a 250W Hub-drive electric motor paired with 7-speed gear and a maximum speed of 15.5 mph. The Samsung battery, however, has a marginally higher total battery capacity of 522Wh.

In terms of total weight capacity, the Sduro Trekking has a maximum weight of 130kg compared to Polluno's 125 kilograms.

connect your smartphone with ESKUTE Polluno electric city bike

Our Verdict

Haibike's electric bikes are made with a top-of-the-range design and components, which reflects in their prices. They also have options for everyone. No matter the reason for wanting an electric bike, Haibike will probably have one that suits your needs.

Eskute, on the other hand, has narrowed its e-bikes to eight, which will soon turn into 20 next year. They have mastered the art of making their products competitive in performance and price. Dedicating themselves to a smaller range of e-bikes has ensured that an Eskute e-bike is always considered in the classification. There are also helpful e-bike accessories for sale.

One thing is clear: both bikes have their perks, so you should have no issue with whichever you choose.

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Joanne Reid

Why can’t I get in touch with anyone from Eskute? I have a battery that won’t charge but is still u set warranty. I need it replaced, but no one ever responds.

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