Pure Flux One vs Eskute Polluno: Who Wins the Battle?

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People have wildly used electric bikes in recent years, and e-bikes have already become an essential transportation tool. The reasons include the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic disease on the way of moving around day-to-day, how eco-friendly the e-bikes are, and the cost-saving on fuel.

However, with the popularity came an increased range of electric bikes and a wide variety of e-bikes. While this is a good thing to an extent, promoting competition and providing ample options for customers to choose from, it also has a downside.

There's a paradox of choice, which means the more options you have to choose from, the more complex the decision-making process gets. It also leaves you some unease that perhaps another of the infinite options might have been a better choice, even after you've made the purchase.

However, going through the options available in a logical and evidence-based manner may help you make a decision and leave you at ease with the bike you choose.

This article compares two excellent e-bikes in the UK that are popular choices. Eskute and Pure Electric are both big names in the electric bike industry in the UK, and we'll be talking about two of their specimens that lie in the same niche and are apt for comparison.

Eskute Polluno electric hybrid bike leans on the wall

Who is Pure Electric?

Pure Electric was founded to make rides that make a difference in people's lives. The company believes that by reducing our reliance on cars and public transportation, we can do something for our environment and pollution and keep ourselves fit along the way. (pun intended)

They focus on finding gaps in the market and mainly provide e-bikes that are short in the market and the e-bikes that riders need. Pure Electric prides itself on its water-proof e-bikes and allowing you to cruise through the roads on rainy days.

However, with the vast competition in the e-bike market in the UK, Pure Electric has decided to close pure stores and quit from retail e-bike market and focus energy on leading the way in e-scooter innovation.

Who is Eskute?

Eskute is a small company founded with the simple objectives of providing consumers with providing reliable electric bikes as a clean and cheaper alternative to transportation and reducing pollution.

It is a fast-growing company with ample choices for customers to choose from and a variety of electric bikes in its diverse catalogue. Eskute provides customers with the best prices in the market and a 2-year warranty and 15-day return policies on all its e-bikes.

While the company is relatively new, they aren't new to the business since they've been directly providing e-bikes from their Poland-based factory. With Eskute, they're now providing a direct-to-customer facility, thus cutting out a middleman and providing quality e-bikes to customers at unbeatable prices.

To bolster their authenticity, they have listed a wide range of blogs that have featured Eskute and customers' reviews, which you can see on their About page.


Pure Flux One vs Eskute Polluno

These two electric hybrid bikes are some of the best for urban use, and they're an excellent go-to option if you don't plan on biking on rough terrains.

Shortly, it's tough to declare one as a clear winner since both have so much to offer. However, if you have a large budget and want the best bang for the buck, then you should go with Eskute Polluno Pro.

If budget is a concern for you, or you want to consider both bikes' specifications before deciding, then the article will dive down into other details of both bikes so that you can make an informed decision.

Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid Bike- 2022

This electric bike is a great roadside ride with quality added pedal assistance. Flux One boasts its superb weight distribution and reliable power that can help you propel further on your trips and adventures.

A Sleek Pure Flux One 6061-grade alloy frame with mudguard eyelets and a 250W rear wheel hub motor system with three assistance settings (15, 20, and 25 km/h options) are some other features that further sweeten the deal.

Eskute Electric Bike: Polluno Electric City Bike

Polluno e-city bike is the best electric bike built for commuters who travel daily in the suburbs, city streets, and village lanes.

It is an excellent choice for those who don't need an electric bike for rough terrains or challenging adventures but for plain terrains.

It's also super accessible for cyclists with limited mobility or older riders since it supports extra power that aids in longer adventures and climbing gradual slopes.

pull the battery out of ESKUTE Polluno e-bike for charging

Comparison Side-by-side

Here are all the essential features of both bikes listed so you can see the similarities and differences.

Pure Flux One Eskute Polluno
Frame Aluminium Alloy 6061-T6 Aluminium
Total battery capacity 252Wh 522Wh
Battery Model Samsung Samsung INR-18650-2900 mAh
Gear system 1 gear 7 gear speed system
Range 40 km 65 km
Top speed 25km/h 25km/h
Delivery time 5 working days 2 working days
Weight 17.5 kg 25 kg
Lights Front and rear Front and rear
Price £1,099.00 £1,299.00 (£999.00 before Christmas)
Shipping cost Free Free

Which Features Do We Like The Most?

A few features are common to both bikes, such as good wheels and frames, significant backing by reviews, and quick and free shipping.

However, these similarities won't help you pick the right electric bike, so let's talk about a few features that stood out in both bikes while testing them out.

Pure Electric's Flux One having free delivery and 14-day insurance, allows you to get on the ride quickly and with peace of mind. The bike's 40km assisted range, and powerful giant Syncrdive Pro motor system helps you to go on lengthy and adventurous rides without worrying about your e-bike's efficiency.

The lightweight and agile body of the Flux One makes it easy to carry and transport. So if you're the person who might need to move the e-bike around, this might be a big plus.

On the other hand, Eskute's Polluno adds a 522Wh Samsung battery to support a 65km range, which is reliable and perfect for those people with long commute distances. The excellent removable battery also allows for off-bike charging, which helps you go further and faster on a single charge. The design is kept such that it's almost noiseless and rides in complete peace.

The Eskute e-bike is also equipped with speed sensors in the system that manages the power delivered to the pedals. It is accompanied by intelligent drive management that measures the force applied to the pedals, allowing you to ride smoothly, naturally, and stable manner.

Pure Electric vs Eskute. Who Is The Winner?

connect-your-smartphone-with-ESKUTE-Polluno-electric-city-bikeOne of the most attractive features Eskute Polluno provides is the interaction between an e-bike and a smartphone. The technology can keep you in touch with your e-bike's movements and status, including range, battery capacity, current speed, pedal assist levels, etc.

Another attractive feature Eskute provides for those on a budget is their option to buy on finance with multiple payment options. Eskute allows you to buy one electric bike on finance with 0 interest.

You could use different methods to avail of this facility, which ranges from bank credit cards to instalments of PayPal or Klarna with no interest. To get bikes at an even cheaper cost, you could try buying second-hand electric bikes that Eskute professional repairers refurbish, with most of these electric bikes having a limited mileage of fewer than 20 miles.

buy Eskute Polluno electric commuting bike by PayPal or Klarna


You can't go wrong with either option; however, Eskute provides the e-bike with many more features than Pure Electric, understandably at a higher price. The method of getting the bike in instalments makes it a no-brainer if you're on a tiny budget.

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