Cube Bike vs Eskute Bikes: A Detailed Comparison

Eskute e-bikes are on the grasslands

Are you looking for super powerful E-bikes that allow you to ride faster on the road? Electric bikes are great not only for you but for the environment as well. Here, we compare two bike brands - Cube Bike and Eskute Bike.

Both brands have their strong points and require a comprehensive overview. We'll begin right away with a breakdown of each brand's offerings.

Who is Cube?

From Germany, the Cube deals in all kinds of bikes. You'd always find the bike you need, from standard to electric bicycles, when you visit Cube.

They have not left their roots behind, as the company headquarters of Cube remains in the North Bavarian small town where it all began. Planning, manufacturing and marketing are carried out on this property.

At Cube, there is a bike for everyone from the beginner rider to the expert with many years of experience. The bikes are sturdy and meet all regulatory requirements. Regardless of this, Cube manages to keep producing affordable bikes without compromising on quality.

Who is Eskute?

Originally from China, Eskute bikes are available in most European regions. That is good because delivery is faster and lesser fees are paid. The primary goal of Eskute is to make electric bicycles available to all, and that goal has stayed the same. In fact, this reflects in the different range of bikes available while staying at a reasonable price.

Eskute sells mainly electric bikes. Eskute's products are available by type, frame, price, and motor. Also, you can get bike accessories for purchase from Eskute, which ranges from battery replacements, bike helmet for safety, carry-on racks for cargo and many more.

On Eskute, you'll find communities and resources available to help you get the valuable information you need to buy and maintain a suitable electric bike.

Cube's E-bike Vs. Eskute's E-bike

Cube's E-bike is produced in Germany and comes with great specs. Regarding quality and durability, Cube's E-bikes offer you what you need.

Their bikes are made to last well over 20 years through a diligent approach of testing and developing various technologies and improving the quality of the bikes for good use.

On the other hand, Poland and the United Kingdom house the production point of the Eskute Bikes. There's no import duty required for customers to pay as all prices include VAT.

The highest speed of Eskute bikes is 25km /hr, 15.5 miles per hour. It's the best speed allowed, and Eskute has produced electric bikes to travel at this speed.

Again, when you buy Eskute Bikes, you get quick delivery compared to other products. Again, this is because the EU warehouse supports fast delivery.

When you buy from Eskute, you can pay in instalments using PayPal credit. You'll face no issues while checking out as long as they're your details.

Also, you get the best quality and design of electric bikes from Eskute bikes.

Products Classification: Cube bikes Vs. Eskute Bike

From Cube to Eskute bikes, this section showcases the products in their various classifications.

Products Classification: Cube's Bikes

Cube products are available in the following classifications:

Ordinary Bikes on Cube

Bikes available on Cube include mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, bikes for women, and ones for trekking.

E-bikes on Cube

Electric bikes available on Cube include mountain, trekking, and transport bikes.

Bikes For Kids on Cube

There are bikes in different age categories for children.

Products Classification: Eskute Bikes

Eskute products are available in the following classifications:

By Type

By Frame

By Price

By Motor

Cube and Eskute Bike Price

At this point, we'll be making a price comparison of Cube Bikes with Eskute Bikes.

1.Entry Level E-bike The entry-level hardtail Aim retails for £429. The downhill bike, the Two15, costs ten times as much. The Entry Level bike Eskute retails at £799.00, the Wayfarer Electric Bike.
2.Electric City Bike The pricing of their city bikes is similar, with more basic race bikes costing around £1399 and the top-of-the-line bikes, such as the Lightning C:68X, priced at £720. The Polluno Electric City Bike, which retails at £999.00, is Eskute's city bike. This bike rides smoothly and is excellent for daily commuting or leisure riding.
3.E-Mountain Bike

Cube's full-suspension bikes come in at different prices. For example, the Stereo 120 costs £1399 and offers fantastic value.

Eskute has the Netuno E-Mountain Bike. This bike features a durable suspension system and tyres that scale any terrain.

4.Top-level mountain e-bike The carbon AMSZero99 is their top-level mountain bike and costs £7500. Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike Price: £1,599.00

Which Works for You?

Both Cube bikes and Eskute bikes are one of the best producers of bikes you could trust. One of the advantages of buying from Eskute is that they are cheaper than Cube bikes, availability of returns and warranty make it one of the best brands you should consider buying your electric bike.

connect your smartphone with ESKUTE Polluno electric city bike

The most eye-catching thing for Eskute is to combine technologies with the e-bike Netuno and Polluno. They not only bring the battery to provide assistance to help your bike spin, but they also realize the interaction between the rider and the e-bike. You can monitor parameters by mobile phone via Bluetooth or even control pedal assist levels on your cellphone. The intelligent bike computer comes with a type-C port under the display, which turns your e-bike into a power bank for your mobile devices and helps you connect with your friends while cycling.

However, it all depends on your choice and how much you're willing to spend based on what you need and the purpose you intend to achieve using an electric bike.

Cube bikes are excellent. Eskute bikes are super good for you and offer you the best benefits you could ever wish for. This article has presented you with the extent of quality, durability, and affordability rate of each of these products for you to choose right. So go on from here to make the right choice as you purchase your electric bikes.

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Jon Bond

Jon Bond

My wife and I will be going to the UK April ’24 and looking for touring ebikes to travel around Europe.
Do you have touring ebikes or would we have to use the mountain bikes? Do they fit racks on the back and front?
How could we organise the purchase before we get to the UK?
Is there a store or just online?
Hope to hear from you

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