Women’s Electric Mountain Bikes: Everything You Need To Know

woman with helmet rides polluno e-bike

The most considerable criticism of women-specific bikes within the electric bike industry is that they have been a "pink it" or "shrink it" effort, which means that the women's electric bikes are precisely similar to men's, except for their smaller size and prettier colours.

Although that was a marketing ploy and might be true in many cases, brands such as Eskute makes bikes that serve many, not only women.

In this article, we will review the top two picks for the best women's electric mountain bikes after outlining the features of women's e-bikes. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about women's electric bikes.

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Features of Women's Electric Mountain Bike

The best women's electric mountain bikes offer all or some of the following features;

1.Smaller frame

Women tend to have longer legs (proportionally, shorter torsos, and shorter inseams than men. Therefore, one of the most significant features of women-specific EM bikes is smaller frames with a shorter top tube, most of are step through electric bikes.

Typically, several exceptionally petite women have a hard time finding a mall enough bike frames from traditional bike manufacturers.

woman with helmet rides polluno city ebike

2.Shorter-reach brake levers

It is an issue that most women struggle with their entire life as cyclists. For instance, they typically have small hands and often find it hard to reach the brake levers.

So, shorter-reach brake levers can make a massive difference for ladies with smaller hands.

3. Shorter crank arms

It is one of the most overlooked but vital advantages of buying a women-specific EM bike for very short cyclists.

Most electric bikes, regardless of their fame size. Come with standard-sized cranks. So, shorter women cyclists benefit from their electric bikes having shorter crank arms.

4.Shorter stem

Because women tend to have shorter torsos and shorter arms, a shorter stem is often advocated for.

A stem is a piece that connects the handlebar to the frame.

5.Smaller wheels

For shorter women riders, a smaller frame can make a huge difference, but so can smaller wheels.

For instance, the recent trend has seen electric bike manufacturers providing XS bikes with smaller-sized wheels.


Lighter cyclists require suspension that is designed for their lighter weight. However, the good thing is that this does not necessarily need getting a women-specif electric bike.

Women must set up their suspension (Rear and fork shock) to match their weight. It is a simple DIY task that you can do with the help of a YouTube video and a shock pump. Or you can have it done at your local electric mountain shop.

woman with helmet rides polluno electric bike on the road

7.Narrower handlebars

Generally, women have narrower shoulders than men. Therefore, they are often better served by electric bikes with slightly narrower handlebars.

However, it is vital to note that, for mountain electric bikes, wider handlebars offer better handling and stability.

Therefore, I recommend women customize their mountain electric bikes with wider handlebars.

8.Women-specific saddles

A seat designed for the female anatomy can significantly affect how comfortable one feels on the electric mountain bike.

For instance, a women-specific saddle will accommodate the women's wider sit bones. It will also have a lower or cut-out pressure chamber for its soft bits.

Our 2 Best Women's Electric Bikes

Polluno Electric Bike

woman with helmet rides polluno electric hybrid bike

Key Features;

  • Hub-drive motor: 250w
  • Speed: 15.5mph
  • Battery capacity: 14.5 amp-hour
  • Battery voltage: 36 volts
  • Gear system: 7-speed types
  • Payload capacity: 125kg

With the Bafang 250w G010 rear electric hub motor and five pedal-assisted speed settings, this Polluno electric bike makes it easy to ride on the hills. For instance, you will never get out-breath when you reach your destination.

Its user-friendly removable battery can be charged easily on the bike or when removed. It also has a lock that keeps the battery secured to your bike.

A single full battery charge will allow you to cover an estimated distance of up to 65 miles. The Samsung cell and the intelligent control system protect the battery from short-circuiting, overheating, and overcharging.

This women-specif bike also features a backlit LED panel that displays battery status, mileage, current speed, pedal-assistant level, etc.

Furthermore, it features an extra USB port that you can use to keep your smartphone device charged.

Netuno E-Mountain Bike

woman with helmet rides netuno electric mountain bike

Key Features;

  • Payload capacity: 125kg
  • Gear system: 7-speed types
  • Battery voltage: 36V
  • Battery capacity: 14.5AH
  • Speed: 15.5mph (locking)
  • Geared hub motor: 250w

This great women-specific electric mountain bike features a 250W Bafang hub motor that empowers the rider to tackle high peaks and steeper terrain. It also expands your boundaries and allows you to ride to destinations you never imagined you would ever reach.

It comes with a 36V 14.5 amp-hour removable battery that you can charge on or off the bike. The battery is secured to the bike with a lock, preventing it from slipping while cycling.

The battery is powerful enough to allow you to cover an estimated distance of up to 65 miles on a single charge.

Furthermore, it comes with an easy-to-read backlit LED display panel. Which helps you monitor your mileage, battery status, speed, pedal-assistant level, etc.


  1. Can men also ride women's electric mountain bikes?

Nothing big about women's electric bikes should preclude men from cycling it, except maybe the saddle you can easily swap.

For instance, smaller and shorter men and teen boys may find the women's electric mountain bike the best fit.

However, some brands like Eskute are improving at making a more comprehensive size range of unisex electric bikes. Instead of making a Small, Medium, and Large frame, they have added XL and XS.

They are more focused on making a wide variety of options for different body types and sizes rather than creating gender-based bikes.

a man and a woman are chatting behind their electric bikes

2.Can you swap men's e-bike components with woman's e-bike components to make a better fit?

When you buy an electric bike, you add a shorter stem, narrower handlebars, or a women's saddle—this is an ideal way to customize your unisex electric bike to your specific body type and needs.

Besides, if your rationale for buying a women's electric bike is that it appears prettier, consider that you can customize your unisex or men's bike by adding all sorts of components.

For instance, you can throw a saddle and matching grips on your mountain bike.

Therefore, the sky is always the limit when customizing your electric mountain bike to match your taste and style.

Final Thought

The best electric mountain bike for you might be a women's e-bike, or it might not be. So, the best bike is one that fits your body.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best women's electric mountain bike, spend some time learning about the features of these bikes. You can also customize standard electric bikes with women-specific components.

We hope this article provided everything you needed to know about women's electric mountain bikes. However, if you have any questions or comments, let us know via the "Leave a Comment" section below.

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