What Are The Best Electric Mountain Bikes In 2022?

young man with helmet rides his Netuno E-Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes are every adventurer's dream. The thrill of climbing rocky hills, maintaining control on challenging slopes, and navigating tricky terrain leaves you with an unmatched adrenaline rush. You can enjoy these sensations as long as you choose the right E-Mountain bike for your needs.

The right mountain bike is almost as important as the rider. Due to this, it's crucial to invest in the best machine. If you have been searching for the best electric mountain bike with all the latest features, your search ends here! All your questions are answered in our guide to the best electric mountain bikes of 2022.

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Best Electric Mountain Bikes

There are several electric mountain bikes with varying quality and features. However, we are only concerned with the best. So, without further ado, here are the best electric mountain bikes in 2022.

Netuno E-Mountain Bike

Netuno E-Mountain Bike on the grassland

The Netuno e-bike is made explicitly for urban areas and is ideal for people seeking a dependable and quick mode of transportation. This electric bike features a modern design, adjustable suspension, and incredible pulling power when riding uphill or downhill.

Speeds are typically limited to 15.5mph when using the battery alone. But with the pedal-assist and consistent Shimano 7-Speed Shifter, you can control your speed easily and with minimal effort. You would not be disappointed with the smaller sprocket for more speed and the larger sprocket for uphill rides.

The Netuno e-bike is among the high-quality, cost-effective E-Mountain bikes available and is suitable for all terrains. There is also a two-year warranty on the bike upon purchase.

Price: £1,299.00

Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike

Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike

The Netuno Pro is specially designed to meet the needs of demanding bikers and is fitted with a powerful Bafang M410 engine that provides a comfortable ride and pedaling sensation. This bike's powerful motor supplies enough power to navigate hills and constant support in each gear.

The integrated 36V 14.5Ah Samsung cell battery is top-quality. It has a large capacity of 522 Wh, allowing it to travel up to 80 miles on a fully charged battery and provide a long-lasting riding experience.

The ESKUTE Netuno Pro Electric Bicycle has intelligent management that accurately estimates the force you apply to the pedals, delivering the required thrust for your exciting bike rides on various terrains.

Price: £1,899.00

Are Electric Mountain Bikes Better?

Electric mountain bikes offer features that make them better options than traditional mountain bikes. Electric mountain bikes are similar to traditional mountain bikes. These vehicles have the same wheels, suspension, and derailleur gears that you're used to, but with more power. E-Mountain bikes are comfortable to ride and easy to maintain and upgrade their various parts.

Electric mountain bikes allow you to ride longer distances, easily navigate unknown terrain, and scale hills with minimal effort. Electric mountain bikes ensure you keep up with your biking group and enjoy longer rides without exhausting your energy.

man rides his Netuno E-Mountain Bike

What is the range of An Electric Mountain Bike?

Electric mountain bikes can ride as far as 40-100 miles on one charge. Several factors, such as battery size, the weight of the rider, average speed, terrain, etc., can influence the distance you cover on a single full charge. Typically, the smaller 48V or 36V battery range is 15 to 40 miles per charge.

On the other hand, larger batteries can ride for longer due to their charge and speed. Larger batteries are generally more powerful and can reach speeds up to 30 mph. Even though the charges on smaller and larger batteries last roughly the same amount of time, the mountain bike with a higher speed will ride for longer.

Full Suspension E Mountain Bike Or Hardtail Mountain Electric Bike – Which Is Best?

Full suspension E-Mountain bikes include both front and rear suspension. With a rear shock, these electric bikes are more efficient and comfortable to ride on rugged terrain. Additionally, the rear shock improves the control and traction of the bike, resulting in a more comfortable riding experience.

On the other hand, a hardtail mountain electric bike has a front suspension but no rear suspension, resulting in a rigid frame. These electric bikes are an excellent option for new riders due to their lighter weight and lower price.

There is no outright best option when choosing between a full-suspension E-Mountain bike and a hardtail mountain electric bike. The machine you opt for depends on your requirements, budget, and riding experience.

A full-suspension electric mountain bike provides more comfort, quicker downhill speeds, and a smoother ride on challenging terrain. A hardtail bike, however, is a cheaper option and comes in lighter frames, with improved battery efficiency. So, the choice is all yours!

How Fast Can I Go On An Electric Mountain Bike?

How fast you can go on an E-Mountain bike depends on the speed regulations of the places you ride. For instance, electric mountain bikes can reach up to 32 mph in the US. On the other hand, E-Mountain bikes are only permitted to travel at speeds of up to 28 mph in most European countries.

Note that an electric mountain bike can exceed the maximum speed limit. However, the motor will stop assisting you once you reach the limit. You can go faster than the maximum supported speed by pushing your limits or relying on the motor to move you within the machine's speed limit.

Furthermore, several factors can influence how fast your electric mountain bike can go. For starters, riding uphill or downhill on your bike will affect your speed for obvious reasons. The weight of the e-bike also influences how fast it can ride. Moreover, the speed of the bike is also affected by the quality of the bike. Some E-Mountain bikes include features that allow them to travel faster than other brands.

Netuno E-Mountain Bike on the mountain top


Electric mountain bikes make riding more convenient and are excellent options for new and experienced riders. However, selecting the best bike for you can be challenging due to the numerous brands available. Luckily, we have highlighted two of the best electric mountain bikes from Eskute you can buy in 2022. So, what are you waiting for? Make your pick and start enjoying those thrilling off-road terrains.

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