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lady with helmet is riding Polluno Electric City Bike

Unlike conventional bikes, the best electric bikes present a fun, safe, and fast way of commuting. Due to this, it is no surprise that interest in these bikes has increased. Electric bike production has also doubled to meet this demand, with numerous brands now available in the market. Each bike claims to offer different features, so how do you now make the right decision?

To help you get value for your money, we will be showing you some of the best electric bikes in 2022. We checked the various features of these bikes from the price, torque, and battery, amongst others. Once complete, we compiled this list below.

Best Overall Electric Bike - Polluno Electric City Bike

First on our list is the Polluno electric city bike, and for a good reason. This bike is made specifically for urban roads and everyday users. If you desire a simple minimalist bike, this is the bike for you.

Polluno electric city bike under the sunshine

Powered by a Bafang rear motor with a rating of 250 Watts, you are sure of a seamless pedal to assist when you choose this bike. In addition, this city electric bike goes 65 miles on a full charge. Keep in mind that temperature, terrain, rider’s weight, tyre pressure, and other factors affect the distance covered.

Another exciting feature of this bike is its easy-to-read led display. With the led display, you can easily monitor your speed, battery status, mileage, etc., thus boosting your confidence while riding at any time of the day.

led display of polluno electric hybrid bike

Best Mountain Electric Bike - Netuno Pro Electric Mountain BikeNetuno Pro mountain bike on the road

A good mountain electric bike should boost your pedalling power and make mountain riding fun and pleasurable. Netuno Pro electric mountain bike, another ebike designed by Eskute, fits this description. This bike tackles even the most challenging terrains, equipped with a 522 Wh battery capacity, a 15.5mph speed, and a 250 W mid-drive motor.

Another standout feature is the ease at which we could easily remove the battery to charge. You can charge the battery while riding the ebike, which increases the 80-mile range. In addition, the battery is protected by an inbuilt lock, ensuring its safety.

We also found that the Netuno Pro mountain bike is ideal for weight builders and fitness enthusiasts. The bike provides a natural feel when pedalling, which works as it is initially designed as a mountain bike. So if that is what you are looking to stay fit, this bike has you covered.

Best Budget Electric Bike - Wayfarer Electric Bike

Wayfarer Electric Bike at the riverside

The average price of an ebike always puts off most potential buyers from an ebike. The Wayfarer Electric Bike solves that. As one of the best ebikes under 1000£, it has all the features you would not find in other budget ebikes.

Eskute wayfarer is a city bike with an integrated frame battery, mudguards, electrical horn, plush saddle, and more. Although it is a city bike, it is also great at climbing hills. Wayfarer town ebike uses a Bafang 250W gear hub motor with a maximum speed of 15.5mph. The bike’s digital LCD panels allow you to view the battery status, pedal-assist level, and distance in one place.

As expected in a budget ebike, this bike only gives a 40-mile range on a full charge. Another con we found is that the rear brake performs poorly after some time.

Best Electric Bike For Commuters - Polluno Pro Commuters Electric Bike

Polluno pro commuter ebike on the road

Polluno pro commuter ebike is another bike from Eskute for riders who require a bike for their daily commute. This electric bike ticks all the boxes of a daily ride bike with its high handlebar, medium-sized wheels, and detachable battery.

With its step-through frame design, riders can easily get on and off the bike. The bike’s 9-speed gearing enables you to navigate steep slopes you may encounter on your commute. You will encounter no problem driving this bike on any terrain.

Finally, you can easily install a rear rack or bag for your extra luggage. If you live in a muddy area, there is also provision for a mudguard and chain guard.

What Features Should The Best Electric Bike Have?

Before buying an electric bike, it should have some features and specifications. They include the following:


Ebike torque is the force required to rotate a rear wheel. Ideally, a higher torque accelerates your ebike faster. As a general rule, the higher the torque, the less force you need to pedal the e-bike.

An ebike with excellent torque is less difficult to accelerate during mountain climbing or off-roading, so you can continue your ride through rough patches without coming to a dead stop.

The recommended torque on an excellent ebike is between 40 to 80 newtons metres. However, the weight of the bike and rider, degree of pedalling, and rolling resistance also influence the driving force of the ebike.


replacement batteries for electric bikes

An electric bike’s battery powers the electric motor and is a vital component. On average, a decent e-bike’s battery should be able to power 250- 500 motors.

Although old electric bikes use lead-acid batteries, newer ones are beginning to embrace lithium batteries. These lithium-ion batteries, in total, are 18700 battery cells, which give outputs of 36v, 48v, or 52v. These batteries are lightweight, charge faster, and are easier to maintain.

Watt Hours

Watt hours measure the energy capacity of your ebike’s battery. It determines your ebike range, the cost, and its weight. Ideally, these are important factors you should consider when choosing an ebike.

To calculate the watt hours, you will need to multiply the voltage by the amp hours of the battery pack. A battery with a 36V and 14.5AH capacity will have 522-watt hours.

Locking Battery

Some electric bikes come with batteries that have a locking device. Ebikes with a locking device help to prevent the battery from getting stolen or lost. To guarantee the safety of your battery, we recommend you go for electric bikes with locking batteries.

Larger Tires

Ebikes with larger tires are more comfortable to ride. They are made with more rubbers than regular tires, which helps to cushion any bumping effect when riding.

You can easily ride along any pathway with larger tires. The thickness of the tires means that they are strong enough to withstand any rough patches without getting damaged.

Headlights And Cargo Space

One of the reasons why most people opt for electric bikes for commuting is because of their speed and ease of use. Some e-bikes come with headlights that make riding fun and safe at any time of the day.

There are some electric bikes with inbuilt cargo space. A bike like this is convenient for going on errands and other tasks.

Is An Electric Bike Worth Buying?

There are many physical, environmental, and economic reasons why you should buy an ebike instead of other means of transportation. Apart from the fun and relaxation you get from riding an ebike, you are helping keep the environment safe by reducing your carbon footprint.

Riding an ebike is one way to exercise your muscles. Since less effort is required to pedal an electric bike compared to a traditional bike, this might sound a bit funny.

a lady with white helmet is riding her ebike on the road

If you are adventurous, an ebike works for you. With an ebike, you can face rough terrains and climb a rugged hill. The motor-assisted pedal makes such riding possible and more accessible.

Most ebikes are cheaper than cars. They are great options for short to medium distances. Most of them do not require licensing, unlike cars that do.


There is nothing as good as getting the best value for your money. Buying the right electric bike gives you this exact feeling. In addition to getting maximum fun, you will also get satisfaction when you invest in the right ebike.

Eskute has a wide range of ebike options for your needs. Contact us today!

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