Travelling by Electric Bike: Good or Bad Idea

travelling by electric bike

The electric bicycle is now one of the most popular modes of transport. An excellent alternative to the car or train and beneficial to health, ebikes have become a key piece of equipment used daily.

In recent times, there has even been a surge of interest in electric bicycles among travellers. This means that many people are using this type of bike to visit other countries and to explore other regions.

Who knew that one day it would be possible to travel by electric bike? And yet it has become ultra-trendy!

Are you tempted by this adventure? Then this article is for you. It will be essential for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by electric bike.

Advantages of travelling by electric bike

Some say it's easy and others say it's not. In fact, everyone has their own feelings and you'll have to dive into the adventure to see how it goes.

If you are still a beginner, we suggest short rides before tackling the long distances. This will allow you to test your performance and get used to the pace. This first try is also useful to see for yourself the many advantages of this kind of trip, and why not its possible disadvantages.

To enjoy more freedom

Travelling by electric bicycle is an ideal solution for freedom. In other words, the traveller has control over everything he or she wants to do. He is free to decide on his time, his plans, his movement and even where he wants to sleep. They set their own pace and can change it as they wish.

travelling by electric bike

To maintain your health

Travelling by electric bicycle is a good way to maintain your health. Regardless of the level and age of the traveller, this machine is the best ally for training and keeping fit.

For those who want to get back into the sport, the electric bike is also the ideal way to get a smooth start. For retirees and older people who want to exercise their bodies regularly, taking a trip on an electric bike will do them a world of good.

To reduce your carbon footprint

Travelling by electric bike certainly requires a lot of effort, especially if you are tackling long distances. But by using this non-polluting machine, the cyclist is committing to the environment.

Even if they decide to cover kilometres of routes, the fact that they do not use fuel that produces toxic gases reduces their carbon footprint. The electric bike is therefore a sustainable way to respect others and do something for the planet.

To discover beautiful places

Who says that the car, plane or train is the only way to discover heavenly places? A trip by electric bike is even better because it invites travellers to sneak onto small roads and into almost isolated places. And where these larger means of transport cannot reach, the electric bike can. Once there, the traveller finds himself in the heart of a breathtaking place that is not only accessible with an electric bike. They discover unique and sometimes endemic natural resources.

To get off the beaten track

Travelling by electric bike is a good way to visit cities and urban areas, but also remote places where the crowds and mass tourism are absent. Some enthusiasts of this adventure even talk about a real opportunity to get off the beaten track. These less crowded corners of the world are full of good things that you rarely come across. They are full of surprises, especially in terms of landscape and nature. Cyclists take advantage of this to get a breath of fresh air or to rest a little while admiring the little piece of paradise that is offered to them.

To enjoy an economical trip

Many electric bike travellers say that it is an important investment. Not only is the type of bike not available to everyone, but the trip also requires specific equipment that is sometimes expensive. This is true! But if you buy an electric bike under 1000, you will have the chance to reduce its price thanks to a financial device offered by the state and the communities.

Then, as far as travel equipment is concerned, its total price will probably be cheaper than the price of plane tickets or trains to and from your home.

To contact people closely

It is very surprising to see that cyclo-travellers easily attract the curiosity of the locals. The exchange and sharing are easier than travelling by cars, i.e. the journey allows you to get closer to the locals. You can stop riding and start talking with them wherever you see interesting things or people.

travelling by electric bike

Tips For Traveling By Electric Bike

Electric bikes have recently made a significant wave in the biking community and for a good cause. With several benefits over traditional road bikes, these battery-powered bicycles are an excellent choice for pro bikers and new bikers.

Suppose you have ever considered the idea of travelling on a bike. In that case, whether it's between cities, states, or even across countries, e-bike travelling is a perfect adventure waiting to happen. Here are tips for travelling by electric bike.

  • Advance Preparations

Before you embark on your journey, it’s essential to ensure that your e-bike is in the best condition to go a long distance. Ensure that the battery, gear, lights, and engine are properly maintained and working. To test things out, go on a pre-travel ride around the neighbourhood and explore various areas. This helps you see how efficient your e-bike is and how ready it is to hit the road.

  • Charging And Spare Battery

While traditional bikes do not need power, your e-bike most certainly does. Some e-bikes come in pedalling assist models while others don’t. And these things can get pretty heavy, which means pushing your e-bike is no fun.

To avoid getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, you must ensure that your e-bike stays charged. Even when you set out with a fully charged battery, pack a spare battery along just in case. This way, if your first battery runs down on charge, you have an extra to get you to where you need to go!

With their rise in popularity, there are now more charging opportunities for e-bikes on the road. These include bars, restaurants, and even gas stations.

  • Map & GPS

It does not matter what mode of transportation you use while travelling. Knowing where you are and how you need to get to your destination will always be crucial. Many e-bike models are fitted with GPS tracking apps. Find which apps your bike model is best fitted with and ensure it’s appropriately set up. Your smartphone probably has its own map set up, so you want to stick with that and use it as frequently as you need to.

  • Your Stuff For The Trip

Even when you’re going for a brief ride, you still need to carry a couple of things along - a water bottle, snacks, repair kit. With longer rides, the extra stuff you need to carry might make the ride uncomfortable if you don’t set them right. For carrying your stuff, invest in carrying bags you can conveniently install on your bike. These could be saddle bags, crossbar bags, handlebar bags, and pannier bags. Ensure that your carrier bags are sturdy and possibly waterproof. If you don’t mind the extra attachment, consider getting a bike trailer.

travelling by electric bike

  • Snacks and Staying Hydrated

Riding for long periods might leave you hungrier and thirstier than usual. Keep your water and snacks in carrier compartments close by so you stay nourished and hydrated while riding,

  • Proper Clothes For Bad Weather

If you want to have a comfortable and enjoyable journey with your e-bike, comfortable clothing is key. Try to look up the weather for the days you might be on the road and dress appropriately. Being too warm or too cold stifles your fun while riding. For bad chilly weather, layer your clothing appropriately.

Avoid materials like cotton and choose materials specially designed to wick away moisture, keeping you fresh and dry, these are best for your first layer, closest to your skin.

A second layer is also necessary and could include cotton. This layer is mostly insulating and meant to keep you warm. The outermost layer should be suited to protect you against strong winds and rain, meaning your clothing choices should be thick and waterproof, but lightweight enough to allow easy movement.

Remember to wear gloves to prevent blisters from holding onto your handlebars for long periods. Choose gloves that are sturdy but light enough to grab onto the bars steadily.

Cycle laws vary depending on where your journey takes you. Since e-bikes are known to go pretty fast, local laws have been set for safety reasons. Do your research before you head out and find out what the laws are in whatever state or country you will pass through. There are also limits on speed and watt ratings so ensure that your e-bike follows these rules to avoid breaking any laws.

Travelling by e-bike can be fun and easy as long as you prepare properly and take care of your e-bike.

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