Electric Scooter V.S. Electric Bicycle - Which One is Best for You?

electric scooter v.s. electric bicycle

Life, they say, is a Journey! You have to keep moving.

Well, if it's compulsory to move from one place to another, wouldn't you instead do it efficiently while having fun at the same time?

I guess you would.

Electric scooters and electric bikes are two vehicles that help you move from one place to another. Whether you're a college student working part-time as a delivery agent or you like to appreciate the environment, these vehicles can make your unique activity fun and pleasurable.

Both these vehicles are such great choices. They make it so hard to decide which to use. However, the good news is that you don't need to worry again if you're facing the e-scooter v.s. e-bicycle dilemma.

This article will describe both of them as efficient means of transportation before describing each vehicle in detail. Further, we'll highlight their pros, cons, and similarities. Finally, we'll explain some factors to consider before making a choice between electric bikes and electric scooters.

Let's dive right in!

Personal Electric Vehicles as Efficient Means of Transportation

electric scooter v.s. electric bicycle

Personal electric vehicles are machines propelled by battery-powered motors designed to accommodate one person and their personal effects from one place to another. You have an array of these vehicles to choose from today. Some of them include electric cars, electric scooters, electric bikes or e-bikes, electric trikes, electric skateboards,etc. All these are very efficient means of transportation simply because they offer you maximum value and minimum wasted effort.

What do we mean?

Think about the energy consumption of an electric vehicle. The fueleconomy reports that it converts 77% of energy at the grid to power at the wheels. This efficient energy conversion helps you save an enormous amount of energy while propelling yourself mechanically during transportation.

Not only that, these new energy vehicles are environment-friendly. Only a negligible amount of energy emissions is associated with riding electric bikes or scooters around compared to other vehicle types. Likewise, their manufacture and assembly generate minimal energy emissions.

These vehicles also help you reduce commute time. Their design and structure help them move in tight spaces and squeeze past traffic jams. This ultimately reduces your commute time significantly.

You get to exercise yourself, have fun, and dictate your own pace simultaneously with all these.

Indeed, these vehicles are a very efficient means of transportation.

What is an Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter is made of a platform called a deck meant for you to stand on, hand bars to steer the scooter in any direction, and two wheels for movement.Of course an electric scooter is propelled by a battery-powered motor.

Surprised? Don't be!

They aren't "just toys," as widespread opinion might have you believe. They are vehicles you can use to transport yourself. Well, I must say they are enjoyable to ride, and that's one of the reasons why there's a surge in their demand today.

Electric scooters are usually meant to be ridden while standing, but some variants of the scooter often have seats. That's taking comfort to another level if you ask me!

electric scooter v.s. electric bicycle


● Convenience

You can both ride and pack an electric scooter without difficulty. Charging it up is also not a problem because you can do it in the comfort of your home.

● Portability

The structure and size of electric scooters make it easy for you to carry and move them around even when you're not riding them. The portability also makes it easy to store and keep them around. They can fit almost anywhere.

● Manoeuvrability

Electric scooters give you the luxury of freedom of movement. They're very flexible, so they allow you to twist and turn as you ride them around. Manoeuvrability is an outstanding feature if you're looking to perform plenty of fun tricks on the scooter.

● Theft-resistant

An electric scooter has features that can help you secure it correctly when you're not there. Once again, the structure and design of the electric scooter prove advantageous to you. The e-scooter is designed so that the steering columns, keyed ignitions, etc., can be protected from theft with locks.


● Balancing challenges

As a beginner, you might find it hard to maintain your balance on an electric scooter. These balancing challenges can sometimes harm or injure you.

● Lower battery capacity

What is an Electric Bicycle?

As the name implies, an electric bicycle is assisted with electric power. Sounds basic, right? It is a bicycle that has been modified with a battery-powered motor to assist with its propulsion.

Does this mean that you don't need to propel it for movement? No, it doesn't!

You'll also need to propel an ebike through the pedals, just like regular bicycles. However, the motor added to the bicycle assists your mechanical propulsion by either giving you a boost when you pedal or a throttle power that also propels you further as you move.

The Wayfarer Pro is a perfect example of an electric bicycle. It is a hybrid electric bicycle with all the features to make your commute adventurous and fun.

In a nutshell, electric bicycles are bicycles containing battery-powered motors that augment your mechanical effort on pedalling. It is exactly like a bicycle, but it is better because it maximizes your pedalling effort yet puts you in total control of the bicycle's speed.

How cool is that?

electric scooter v.s. electric bicycle


● Comfort

Riding electric bicycles gives you freedom from the physical pain of riding a regular bicycle. The battery-powered motor augments your pedalling effort, taking some stress off you. Further, it also helps you shed off some stress encountered in traffic.

● Suspension

The suspensions in e bikes help you ride safely and comfortably. Electric bicycles have enough suspensions that absorb all shocks and irregularities on the road to ensure that you maintain balance and control.

● Large wheel size

Large wheel size is yet another feature of electric bicycles that helps you enjoy a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. The large wheel sizes of electric bikes make it easy to dodge obstacles with minimal loss of balance. They also help you climb steep road surfaces easier.

● Bike seat

The bike seats help you have an enjoyable ride as they provide balance and comfort.

● Safety

The risk level associated with electric bicycles is minimal. This low risk is partly because manufacturers regulate their maximum attainable speeds.

● Long battery life

The batteries of electric bicycles can sustain you for long periods of rides. They can also maintain multiple charge cycles before the battery health diminishes. This feature makes electric bikes more durable.

● Keep health (Pedal assist)

The pedal assist functionality of electric bicycles eases plenty of stress off you. You can activate the pedal-assist mode on an electric bike to give you a boosted power output. You can also regulate the amount of assistance you want, thus giving you total control of everything.

● Carriage

Electric bicycles often come with a carriage for storing minor personal effects as you ride. They sometimes also contain seats to carry one more person with you on a ride. You can take your kids or younger siblings on a fun ride because of this feature.


● Heavy

Electric bicycles are often heavier than regular bicycles and electric scooters. The battery weight often adds to the average weight of the bike. This added weight reduces the speed and makes steep rides more challenging.

electric scooter v.s. electric bicycle

Similarities between Electric Scooters and Electric Bicycles

Both Help to Navigate Urban traffic with ease, both electric scooters and electric bicycles have the requisite features for you to navigate jammed urban traffic with ease. They are both portable, fast, and easily manoeuvrable to cut through corners and tight angles while trying to find your way through the traffic.

  • Made of high-quality materials

Industrial-grade aluminium alloy is used to manufacture electric scooters and bicycles' bases and frames. In some rare cases, sturdier materials like steel and carbon fibre are used to construct some essential parts like the chassis.

Besides that, the other parts of these vehicles, like the handle covers, buttons, and other supplementary parts, are made from different materials like rubber and silicone.

Quality electric scooters and electric bikes are similar in that they use quality build material to provide the best riding experiences.

  • Fun to ride

The wind that brushes your face and the adrenaline rush as you make close direction calls, amongst other things, add to the excitement package you get from riding the electric bicycle and scooter. You're sure to have maximum fun with whichever vehicle you choose between these two choices.

electric scooter v.s. electric bicycle

Pedalling to propel your movement or merely standing and throttling with your hands as you steer your vehicle in any direction are enjoyable activities.

  • Environmental friendly

Both an electric scooter and an electric bicycle do not run on fossil fuels and so do not generate any toxic emissions as you ride around with them. Also, their manufacturing process doesn't generate plenty of harmful emissions to the environment.

  • Great speed

You are sure to ride with a decent speed range of about 20 - 30mph if you are riding either an electric bicycle or an electric scooter. This speed is significant enough to help you cover "last-mile" distances in ample time without having you reach dangerous, uncontrollable speeds.

  • Electric battery and motor

A battery-powered motor propels electric bicycles and electric scooters like all other personal electric vehicles. Both vehicles often use brushless direct current electric motors for motor efficiency.

Factors to choose between an electric scooter and an electric bicycle?

The best choice for you between an electric scooter and an electric bicycle depends strictly on your commute requirements, storage provisions, and your preferred activities.

You know how the saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks!

Yes, electric scooters and electric bikes flood the streets increasingly every day. Your colleagues and friends are either having fun in the evenings with them or getting to the office before you because of them. Yet, the big question begs for an answer; Which one should I choose?

Therefore, you need to consider certain factors to help you make the best choice for yourself. They include the following:

  • Comfort

You need to decide how much freedom from pain, constraint, or activity you crave before picking between an electric scooter and an electric bicycle.

Riding an electric bike requires you to expend some energy pedalling it for movement. On the other hand, you'll need to stand and maintain balance throughout the trip if you use an electric scooter.

So, now you get what we meant by how much freedom from pain and constraint you crave.

If peddling is too much work for you, then you should get an electric scooter like the ESKUTE ES MAX Electric Kick Scooter with 10" solid tires to support your weight.

On the other hand, if it would be too much trouble for you to stand through trips, you should get an electric bicycle like the Wayfarer Pro electric bicycle, which has a mid-drive motor to take some pedalling stress off you.

  • Portability

How often will you need to carry your electric vehicle around?

You should opt for a lightweight and easily foldable option if you want a vehicle to help you cover "last mile" distances.

In general, electric scooters averagely weigh about 24 lbs, while electric bicycles weigh 50 lbs. Of course, there are many product samples whose weights are far off these average values.

Hence, you should opt for an average scooter if you intend to carry your electric vehicle around. Likewise, an electric bicycle would be the ideal option if you use throughout the entire trip.

electric scooter v.s. electric bicycle

  • Exercise requirement

Here's what you need to ask yourself in terms of exercise requirements before making a choice. "Are you trying to burn some calories, or you're just trying to get somewhere quickly?"

An electric bicycle is a perfect option for you if you're trying to live a more active life and burn some calories while you commute. However, burning some calories most definitely means getting sweaty and hot during the commute.

On the other hand, If you are trying to get a electric bike or scooter to help you reach your workplace quicker, using an electric bicycle would get you tired and sweaty on arrival. It appears an electric scooter seems a better choice for that sort of purpose, right?

We thought so, too!

  • Pricing

Well, the question you ought to ask yourself here is self-evident, isn't it?

Just how much are you willing to spend for that little extra fun, efficiency, speed, and all the perks of an efficient personal electric vehicle?

The cheapest electric scooters sell for around $400 - $800. You'll have to pay more to acquire an electric bicycle. As such, an electric scooter is your best choice if you need an alternative to traditional means of transportation or need a vehicle to help you complete "last mile" distances on a relatively low budget.

  • Legality and Safety

You need to be sure about the legal and safety requirements for owning e bikes or e scooters.

Electric scooters require licenses in some countries, which are outrightly illegal in other countries.

For instance, it is illegal to ride electric scooters in the United Kingdom. However, you need a license to ride electric scooters in the Netherlands. Also, you are not permitted to ride them in cycling paths and pedestrian areas In the Netherlands. It is highly recommended to wear helmets while riding electric scooters.

On the other hand, riding electric bicycles is very similar to riding a regular bicycle. As such, it has fewer safe and legal requirements compared to electric scooters.

  • Speed

Electric bicycles can reach higher top speeds than electric scooters. E-bicycles can attain an average top-assisted speed of about 30mph, while E-scooters can attain an average assisted top speed of about 20 mph.

Nonetheless, the top speeds can be insignificant because regulations require manufacturers to cap the speeds of vehicles that will be used within human environments at specific ranges like 15.5mph. Therefore, electric bicycles are best suited for longer distances, while electric scooters are best for running short-distance errands.

electric scooter v.s. electric bicycle


So, there you have it! Your best choice between an electric scooter and an electric bike depends on the specific purpose you want the vehicle to serve.

Both these choices are efficient personal electric vehicles for transportation. They both minimize commute time and the release of emissions to the environment. They also help you beat the traffic, have fun, and exercise simultaneously.

While the electric bike has seats and needs pedalling, the electric scooter has a deck for you to stand on and maintain your balance.

Therefore, if you require a vehicle that gives you little stress as you ride around, the electric scooter is your best choice. On the other hand, an electric bike is better if you're trying to exercise more.

Further, an electric scooter poses the advantage of being portable. You can easily fold it and carry it around in-between rides. It's also less expensive than the electric bike. So, if you're on a relatively low budget, that would be ideal.

In all, there's no "one-size-fits-all" approach for knowing your best choice. The debate about the most efficient or better choice between them will continue to intensify as the widespread adoption of electric vehicles continues.

However, you can make optimal choices by considering how comfortable you want your rides to be, how much you are willing to pay, and how fast you intend to ride. You also need to figure out the legal and safety requirements for each of them in your immediate environment to avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law.

Have fun as you move through life's journey!

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