electric bike computer display

Bike Computer

There are several computer display types for electric bikes. E-bike computers are quite common but are not on all bicycles. We discuss why every bike should have one here. 

Bike Computer

Electric Bike Display 

When driving a car, the instrument cluster on the dashboard gives you real-time information. An e-bike computer does the same thing. Computers don't come with every bike, but most e-bikes have one; it's necessary to motor the current situation of your bike. 

With a bike computer, you can instantly tell how fast you are going, the distance you have covered, how much charge you have left on your battery, and much more. Still, many believe it is an unnecessary accessory, and we are about to prove they're wrong.

E-bike Computer: Why Your Ebike Should Have one. 


What Is Computer On an E-bike?

The bike computer includes an LCD screen that shows several pieces of information concerning your bike; LCD is the acronym for LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY. 

On an electric bike, the computer is your guide. The gadget allows you to have all the required information at your fingertips. 

While having a bike computer showing various information might be a little distracting initially, it does not take long to get used to it. After all, it's just a tiny screen placed on the handlebars. Depending on the model of the bike computer you get, you have the opportunity to plug in your phone. Some computers have a port that lets you charge your phone.

The Eskute electric bike computer, like the one above, even has a side key that allows turning on your front headlamp. It also has arrow keys that let the rider decrease or increase pedal assist levels. So rather than being a distracting accessory, the Eskute e-bike computer display could enhance the user-friendly riding experience.

Advantages of the Computer with LCD Display On E-bikes

Now that you know what an e-bike computer is and what it does let's talk about the benefits. See below.

1.Easy to Read

A significant advantage of having a computer display on your bike is that the information is easy to read. You can quickly tell what speed you travel or if your battery is low. The lack of complication of the display means a single glance will reveal a cache of information to process and adjust accordingly.

When you are riding, you must consider your surrounding environment. A detailed LCD screen diverts your attention from the road to the device. For instance, with a single glance, you can tell if you are going too fast and make adjustments. Or you can tell if your headlamp is on.

2.Improves Riding Experience

Another benefit of having an e-bike display is that it helps you enjoy your riding experience. All the information you can get at your fingertips will be impossible without an array. Also, the fact that you can turn on the headlamp and adjust the pedal assist levels or change to push mode to suit your need with a touch of a button makes riding more accessible.

An objective comparison of the things you can do with your bike when you have a bike computer and don't show an LCD makes riding better. You don't need to wonder about bike details or fiddle with the bike controls to get some things done.

3.Provides Shortcuts for Some E-bike Functions

Some e-bike computers allow you to perform some functions without touching the bike controls. For example, you can turn the bike on and off with a button. Or with the Eskute display, holding the power and "- "buttons together allow you to activate the bike's push mode.

Hold power and the "+ "button together for twenty seconds to disconnect your phone.
Pressing the "+" or "–" buttons allow you to increase or decrease the number of pedal assist levels.

4.Allows You to Monitor Your E-bike in Real Time

With an e-bike computer, you can monitor how your bike is doing as it is happening. You can tell your battery level at a single glance and decide to reduce pedal assist levels. This decision makes the bike computer an essential tool for any electric bike owner.

What Does an Electric Bike Computer Display Show?

The above picture shows some of the information an Ebike computer displays on its screen when attached to your bike. Let's go through some of these indicators.

Battery Level

As we have said earlier, one of the things, a bike computer highlights is your battery level. As the image shows, the battery bar is the multicoloured horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen. If there's only one red signal, your e-bike is low on battery, and you should get it charged now. 


Another thing to expect from most electric bike computer displays is an odometer. An odometer measures the distance you have travelled. Having an odometer nearby is very helpful for those who bike for health or exercise purposes.

Pedal Assist Level

A figure usually denotes the pedal assist rate or level you get from your e-bike. Eskute bike computer would indicate the pedal assist level at the upper left corner of the display.

Power Charging Port

An indicator for bike computer displays with a type-C port comes up when you're charging your phone with the cable. So it's easy to confirm your phone is charging with a single glance.

Instead of fiddling with the phone to ascertain if it is, you can verify by looking at the display, which saves time and keeps you focused on the road.


The most significant indicator on display is the speedometer. In the image, the big zero is the speed at which the bike is going. Sometimes, it may be in KM/H or Miles/H, depending on the display type, and you can choose them as customary. With this, the rider can tell how fast or slow they are going with a single glance.


An E-bike computer is more than just an accessory. It offers similar information to the driver needs the information a driver gets from their dashboard. For this reason, it is one of the crucial components any electric bike should have. 

At Eskute, the rider's comfort is our priority, which is why all our bikes come fitted with an LCD or LED display. Ready to get started on your riding journey with an Electric bike? Contact us today, and let's decide the best bike for you.