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An electric cruiser bike is an e-bike with a rounded frame that resembles a cruiser motorcycle. This electric bike is designed for leisurely rides around the city, park, or beach. Comfort is the major selling point of cruiser e-bikes.

The high handlebars and soft wide seats on e-cruiser bikes ensure riders comfortably commute between places. Besides their comfortable ergonomics, electric cruiser bikes also feature a motor, hydraulics, and other features common to regular electric bikes.

Next, we discuss the best three e-cruiser bikes you can purchase to experience this unique, comfortable riding experience!

Best Everyday Electric Cruiser Bike - Polluno Electric City Bike

Best Everyday Electric Cruiser Bike - Polluno Electric City Bike

Price: £1,299.00

Looking for a comfortable and affordable e-bike for daily commutes and cruises? The Eskute Polluno is one of the most affordable, comfortable, dependable, and user-friendly e-bikes. This machine features a quiet motor and is also impressively low-maintenance.

The 250-Watt Bafang G010 rear hub motor guarantees that this bike easily scales hills and rides in any weather. This electric bike also has a top speed of 15.5mph.

Furthermore, the integrated battery on the Polluno e-bike can be easily removed and reinstalled in the bike's frame without special tools. Undoubtedly, this is the complete cruiser electric bike that sports an excellent design aesthetic, foot forward pedal position and sturdy aluminium frame.

Best Budget Electric Cruiser Bike - Wayfarer Electric Bike

Best Budget Electric Cruiser Bike - Wayfarer Electric Bike

Price: £999.00

For those on a budget, the Wayfarer electric bike is the best budget cruiser e-bike for daily biking. This bike has everything you need for city commuting or leisure rides.

Unlike other bikes with similar prices, you get a range of forty miles, mudguard and front lights. Moreover, the lithium battery is light and detachable if you prefer to pedal unassisted.

If you're looking for an excellent electric cruiser bike at this price point, look no further than the Eskute Wayfarer electric bike.

Best Women's Electric Cruiser Bike - Polluno Pro E-City Bike

Best Women's Electric Cruiser Bike - Polluno Pro E-City Bike

Price: £1,899.00

The Eskute Polluno Pro is the perfect commuter e-bike for female riders looking to commute quickly and conveniently. The low frame makes it easy to hop on and off, with a comfortable seat that does not hurt your back after long rides.

On top of that, the Eskute Polluno Pro uses the powerful mid-drive 250-watt Bafang M200 motor that reaches up to 15.5mph. You can choose the assist level you require from the control panel so that you can pedal as much or as little as you desire.

Also, this e-bike comes with a suspension fork for outstanding shock absorption and an LCD that shows you information such as battery life, speed, range, and so much more.

How to Identify an Electric Cruiser Bike

There are certain features unique to electric cruiser bikes. These features distinguish e-cruiser bikes from regular bikes and are features you should look for before buying an electric cruiser bike. Here are the features an electric cruiser bike should have.

Frame & Fork

A cruiser bike is easily identified by its sloping, curved tubes. Unlike other bikes, which have a triangular frame, most electric cruisers have a curved top tube that runs downwards from the head tube and meets the top or middle of the seat tube, which is typically shorter than on other e-bike types.

Because of the short seat tube, the saddle is on the same level as the handlebars, giving bikers a comfortable and upright posture when riding. Some e-cruiser bikes have an additional tube that runs from the centre of the seat tube to the headtube. This design adds strength to the frame and increases the bike's lifespan.

a lady with helmet is riding the electric cruiser bike in the grassland

Handlebars & Stem

One of the main reasons cruiser bikes are so comfortable is because of their long-flared handlebars. A cruiser bike's stem raises the handlebars higher than most traditional bikes. This elevated position improves the rider's posture, reducing strain on the upper body and spine.

A cruiser bike's handlebars are designed solely for comfort. And the upright riding position provided by these handlebars makes electric cruiser bikes a viable option for elderly bikers.


The tires of an electric e-bike are features that distinguish them from other bikes. Because of their large and round look when inflated, the tires used on cruiser bikes are usually referred to as "balloon tires." The thicker tires on e-cruiser bikes provide riders with a comfortable and smooth ride while also softening the impact of any bumps on the road. Note that the appearance of a cruiser's tires can vary depending on the bike brand.


The motor distinguishes an electric cruiser bike from a traditional bicycle. An electric cruiser bike should have a powerful motor. This feature is one of the primary reasons for switching from a regular bike to a cruiser e-bike. A powerful motor ensures riders can quickly commute to work and conveniently ride through different terrain.

So, ensure you carefully examine the motor of the cruiser bike before buying it. We recommend going for a machine with 500 watts of power or more. The motor should strike a balance between price and functionality. In addition, it should provide a smooth and quiet ride that every biker will love.

Smartphone Integration

connect your smartphone with ESKUTE ebikes

Nowadays, we pair our smartphones with most of our devices, and cruiser e-bikes are no different. So, by connecting your smartphone to your e-bike, you can access various features that will take your biking experience up a notch.

Smartphone integration is an essential feature in any cruiser e-bike. Riders can easily wirelessly connect their e-bike to smartphones to add app capabilities such as GPS, maps, and health tracking. On top of that, smartphone integration is also a fantastic safety feature that guarantees your bike stays safe.

Hydraulics & Brakes

Because electric bikes are more powerful than regular bikes, they require a more powerful braking system and suspension. A high-quality electric cruiser bike should have instant braking power, which turns off the motor as soon as you press the brake.

Hydraulic and manual braking systems are common on electric cruiser bikes. The hydraulic mechanism converts the bike's speed into the brakes' power, allowing it to slow down smoothly. So, look out for this feature on the electric cruiser bike you fancy.


An electric cruiser is perhaps even more comfortable to drive than other e-bikes, thanks to its unique features. These electric bikes are also visually appealing, ensuring you get envious looks when riding through the city.

If you want to see even more e-bike options, check out our other electric bike options and contact us. We'll be expecting you!

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