Electric Trekking Bikes: The Best Exploration Bike

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Electric trekking bikes are electric bikes notable for their outstanding range. These e-bikes are the ideal companion for long-distance travel and ride smoothly regardless of the terrain.

Trekking e-bikes are built to go the distance, equipped with pannier racks, flat handlebars, kickstands, longer tires, etc. These bikes are often in the same category as hybrid bikes, but we are here to help. Next, we discuss trekking bikes, list their benefits, and recommend the best trekking e-bike you can buy.

What Is A Trekking E-Bike?

Also known as touring bicycles, trekking electric bikes are a blend of mountain bikes and city bikes. Their athletic properties make them well suited for light off-road cycling.

That is why they come with front and rear lights, longer tires, a kickstand, mudguards, dynamo, and a rear pannier rack for carrying all your luggage. Furthermore, trekking e-bikes can be used in all weather conditions.

E-trekking bikes are incredibly adaptable. They are a great option if you are looking for a versatile bike for leisure riding, daily commutes or exercising.

Are Trekking Electric Bikes Good?

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Trekking electric bikes have several benefits that would entice every rider. We discuss some of those benefits below.

  1. The major benefit of trekking e-bikes is their long range. Due to this, they are the best option for lengthy trips and are better suited to long-distance rides than other bike types. A trekking e-bike can handle any terrain comfortably, whether rough or smooth. Hence, you don't feel too much strain when riding long trips.
  2. Another advantage of an electric trekking bike is that it is great for the environment. Trekking e-bikes emit no harmful gases into the atmosphere because they run on rechargeable batteries, not fossil fuels.
  3. Trekking e-bikes are easy to learn and use, making rides less strenuous while offering a premium riding experience. Furthermore, electric trekking bikes are less stressful on your joints than regular bikes and reduce the strain from cycling.
  4. With trekking e-bikes, longer and tougher routes/terrain are easier scaled. It is good for amateur bikers who can complete tougher rides with less effort.
  5. E-trekking bikes also cut down transport expenses. Because they use batteries, riders don't have to spend money on the ever-increasing petrol or diesel. Riders will also save more money on tax payments. Electric trekking bikes may be a cost-effective transport option in the long run.
  6. Finally, electric trekking bikes have more storage compartments than other electric bikes, which allows bikers to carry their essentials wherever they go.

Best Trekking E-bike

Polluno Electric City Bike

Best Trekking E-bike Polluno Electric City Bike

Price: £1,299.00

Key Features

  • LED display.
  • 7-speed gear system.
  • Removable and lockable battery.
  • Fiver hub-drive motor speeds.

The Eskute Polluno Electric City Bike is a perfect trekking e-bike for biking enthusiasts. This machine has a quiet motor and is extremely low-maintenance. More on the motor, the 250-Watt Bafang G010 rear hub motor ensures that the e-bike scales tough/bumpy terrain with ease.

The Polluno Electric City Bike has a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour which is within the UK speed limit. This built-in Samsung battery has a total capacity of 522 Wh and powers the bike for up to 65 miles on a single charge.

However, remember that the battery's range varies depending on the rider's weight, tire pressure, wind resistance, terrain, battery condition, etc. If you feel the bike is too heavy, you can easily detach the 3.4kg battery to achieve a lighter weight.

Another impressive feature of the Polluno City E-bike is the LED interface. The Polluno provides quick and easy access to the bike's functions via an LED display that shows the current speed, battery capacity, total distance travelled, and other additional information.

Additionally, the ESKUTE App allows you to pair the smart display of the bike with your smartphone. Riders can sync their trips to the ESKUTE app to share them with friends. Overall, the Polluno Electric City bike has all you'll need in a trekking bike: impressive range, sturdy build, a luggage rack, and an intuitive LED display.

connect your smartphone with ESKUTE ebikes

Difference Between Electric Trekking And Hybrid Bikes.

Even though trekking and hybrid bikes are electric, they have certain differences. In the following paragraph, we examine five of these differences.


Because trekking bikes are better suited for long-distance travel, they have fewer gears than hybrid bikes and are studier to carry luggage.

On the other hand, hybrid bikes are more versatile and luxurious, providing riders with more comfort (such as wider seats) while riding. Touring bicycles are primarily used for long-distance travel, whereas hybrid bikes are used for recreational rides/tours.


Hybrid bikes come with a narrow frame and few spots to store luggage because they are not built for that purpose. These bikes are typically made of high-quality steel, which makes them extremely durable.

Some brands even use aluminium or carbon fibre construction. In contrast, trekking bikes have larger wheels, with their seat aligned with the handlebars. Trekking bikes have low handlebars, making them more stable when riding.

Also, the frame on trekking bikes has several attachments for storing luggage, tools, and other essentials you may need. A trekking bike's frame is typically made of steel, but some less expensive models have an aluminium body with wide frame tubes, making them feel more durable.


Pull v or disk brakes are the most common brakes found on a hybrid bike. Pull v brakes are designed for rough and uneven terrain and are commonly seen on high-end hybrid bikes.

However, most trekking bikes use disk brakes, better suited for smooth roads and light trails.


Trekking bikes resemble road bikes but have several mounts and mudguards. These e-bikes are slightly heavier than other e-bikes due to the tires. However, they still move pretty quickly. Hybrid bikes are faster but easier to pedal and steer than trekking bikes.


The tires on hybrid bikes are smaller than those on trekking e-bikes. Trekking bicycles have larger tires because they carry more heavy-duty tasks than hybrid bikes.

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An electric trekking bike makes those tedious long journeys seem shorter thanks to their build and features. However, don't think these bikes are only good for long rides. Electric trekking bikes are also excellent for shorter commutes. You can use them for any purpose!

If you're looking for an electric trekking bike to add to your garage, the Polluno Electric City Bike is an excellent choice. This electric bike is the ideal trekking bike for all your biking needs. We also suggest you browse our other electric bike products and contact us if any other product appeals to you.

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