Your 2022 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike Guide

a professional cyclist explores in the wild with his full suspension electric mountain bike

There are an increasing number of mountain bikers in the UK, and it's easy to see why. This thrilling sport can be enjoyed by people of all ages and on most types of terrain. It's beginner-friendly as well as offers extreme challenges for the experienced rider.

Mountain bikes are serious pieces of kit, with many individuals spending thousands of dollars on their setup. When ridden, the bikes take a severe beating, so they must be sturdy and up to the job.

Electric mountain bikes are the rising star on the MTB (mountain biking scene), and many riders are ditching their regular mountain bike in favour of full-suspension mountain bikes. If you're thinking of making the change, here's what you need to know.

Why Choose a Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike?

Regular mountain bikes have their limits. They can handle tough terrain, but exceptionally challenging trails, technical sections and areas full of stones, roots, and other obstacles can pose a problem. Alpine touring also has its limits on a regular bike. Navigating steep mountainous regions is hard and dangerous work.

If you're the kind who enjoys these mountain bike adventures, then a full-suspension electric mountain bike could be right for you. The electric MTB removes a lot of the discomfort experienced during rides while still allowing you to push yourself physically.

Thanks to their low centre and perfect balance, a full suspension electric mountain bike has more traction. This feature allows the rider to go faster in safety. The suspension system will allow you to perform jumps comfortably, and the electric motor will take you up steep ascents much more ease.

a man conquered the steep mountain by his full suspension electric mountain bike

What Are the Advantages of Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike?

While a full suspension electric mountain bike is heavier than a regular mountain bike, this is soon forgotten when you switch on the motor and easily glide across the terrain. Other benefits to the electric MTB include:

  • A more comfortable riding experience
  • More speed in a safe way
  • You'll be able to reserve your energy and last longer on the bike
  • You can easily take on new and unfamiliar terrain

What Types of Full Suspension Are Electric Mountain Bikes Available?

There are three main categories of electric MTBs to choose from. What you go for depends on the riding you like to do. There's something for everyone, no matter the casual rider or the serious adventure seeker.

All Mountain Full Suspension

This type of bike is versatile and a good all-rounder. Whether you plan to commute on it or ride it across your nearest mountain range, the all-mountain full suspension bike can handle both easily.

Touring Electric Mountain Bike

The touring bike is ideal for those who prefer a leisurely ride. It's perfect for evening outings or longer tours, as the primary focus of this bike is comfort. While they can still take on challenging trails, the focus for this type of bike is endurance.

For example, the Netuno E Mountain Bike is an excellent option if you live in an urban environment but like to get out of town for a biking adventure.

Netuno E Mountain Bike

Do I Need Full Suspension on An E Mountain Bike?

Yes, you need full suspension. Otherwise, you will end up with a very uncomfortable rear end! Bikes with little or no suspension aren't suitable for anything other than roads or flat terrain.

Suspension smooths out the bumps in the road and allows the rider to remain neutral and in place. If your bike has full suspension, you will feel like you're gliding across the track. It not only feels great, but it's also a lot more fun to deal with.

Can Anyone Ride a Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike?

While electric mountain bikes have been built to satisfy serious MTB enthusiasts, that doesn't mean you can't ride one. Because of their comfort and safety, electric mountain bikes are ideal for anyone looking to purchase an E-bike.

Beginners and seasoned pros can benefit from having an electric MTB, so don't be discouraged from buying one. Even if you only plan to ride to work and back, you may as well do it in style.

What Type of Motor Do I Need?

The tech required on a mountain bike renders them heavy, so you'll need a powerful battery to offset that weight. Therefore, mid-drive motors are the best option, especially if you plan to head out on steep trails.

If you want to go fast, remember that the engine doesn't give you any motor resistance when switched off. Otherwise, the support will cut out when you hit 25km/h or above.

full suspension mountain e-bike with mid drive motor

What Size Battery Do I Need?

Again, weight plays a part in your choice of battery. The heavier your bike and your baggage are, the less range you will achieve with your battery. Therefore, go for a battery that can hold a good range even with heavier loads.

You also need to consider what type of riding you'll do. If you plan to do a lot of uphill riding, this will push the battery more than if you take easier, flatter terrain.

Batteries come in many sizes, but you'll need around 36V - 48V for a full-suspension electric mountain bike.

What Are the Most Important Parts of An Electric Mountain Bike?

No decent mountain bike would be without its most vital components. When you're choosing the proper electric MTB for you, consider the following:


For a safe, comfortable ride, the excellent suspension is crucial. Otherwise, you'll quickly get fed up with being sore. The rear and fork shocks must perform well if you want to feel neutral while riding over lumps and bumps.


A sturdy and dependable drivetrain is required for electric MTBs and is typically 12 gears with one upfront chainring, which gives the engine the necessary "oomph" to get you across that trail.


A full suspension MTB needs large, high-quality brake discs to handle the high speeds and sudden stops, heightening the safety aspect while giving you more control.


To enhance the enjoyment of the ride, don't forget the essential accessories. You'll need a comfortable saddle, a safety helmet and a decent charger for your battery.

frame of full suspension e-bike


A full-suspension electric mountain bike can take your riding experience to the next level. Even if you're a newbie to the MTB lifestyle, it's well worth checking out your E MTB options.

For more advice and information on our great range of full suspension electric mountain bikes under 3000, give our team at Eskute a call. We're looking forward to getting you on the road.

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