Electric Push Bikes - What are they and how do they work?

a couple ride their electric push bikes in the wild

Electric push bikes work by providing power to the bikes' wheels to propel the bike over any terrain quickly. These bikes come with the standard bells and whistles riders expect on any electric bike.

Electric push bikes come with a motor, brakes, lithium-ion batteries, etc. Please continue reading to learn more about electric push bikes and how they work. We'll also highlight the laws on electric bikes in the UK. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

What are electric push bikes?

Electric push bikes are bicycles allowing the rider to accelerate without pedalling. These bikes have a throttle mechanism, like a twist or thumb throttle, which means that the electric motor is engaged without using the pedals.

Some electric push bikes can be started from a complete stop using only the throttle. Other e-bikes require riders to reach a specific speed (typically 6 mph) using the pedal before the throttle. Unlike some electric bikes that only offer varying degrees of pedal-assistance, e-push bikes allow users to ride without ever pedalling. Even though these machines help riders push their bikes forward without pedalling, e-push bikes typically have the same speeds as other e-bikes.

Because e-push bikes provide power to the bike without pedalling, their motors usually have a high maximum power level. In addition, most e-push bikes, like other electric bikes, feature a battery pack, mechanical or hydraulic brakes, and other standard features you can expect in a motor-powered bike.

a woman with helmet is riding her electric push bike on the road

Working Principle and Uses of an E Push Bike

You can use the motor to maintain and increase the bike's speed without pedalling. Once the bicycle is engaged, the bike transmits a signal to the motor controller and draws power from the battery. It will cause the motor to apply torque to the bike's chain (or hub), effectively powering the bike. E-push bikes help riders who don't always want to pedal their bikes. These bikes are frequently used for daily commutes and express deliveries because of their power and comfort.

Uses of Electric Push Bikes

Electric push bikes generally have higher battery output and a more powerful motor than other e-bikes. For this reason, these bikes are ideal for a couple of activities. Here are four uses of electric push bikes.

  • Eco-friendly transport

Electric push bikes represent a greener mode of transport. These bikes don't emit hazardous compounds, protecting the environment from the damaging effects. This e-bike type serves as an eco-friendly transportation alternative for riders who are environmentally-conscious

  • Scaling Terrains

The motor on e-push bikes provides sufficient acceleration, enabling riders to move across obstacles quickly. This acceleration is particularly useful when trying to climb a hill. So, if you plan on riding on unfamiliar bumpy terrain, electric push bikes might make the ride easier.

  • Long Haul Rides

Remember, you can ride an electric push bike like a regular bike and pedal away. However, these bikes will help you finish the ride whenever you get tired. With e-push bikes, you don't need to bother about struggling to complete your commute. Push the button and ride.

  • Crossing intersections

The speed electric push bikes offer also help when crossing intersections. Crossing intersections with regular bikes can be tricky because you may not be able to pedal past in time. However, with e-push bikes, you cross roads quickly due to the high-speed assist.

a old man rides to the mountain top by his electric push bike

Electric Push Bikes Motor Types

E-push bike motors can be mounted in an electric bike's front, middle, or rear. Let's discuss the three electric push motor types.

Front Hub Motors

Front hub motors are located in the front wheel hub of the bike. Because the motor drives the front tire and you propel the back tires with pedals, front hub motors create a powerful all-wheel drive system. Front hub motor systems are ideal for DIY electric bikes because riders require minimal modification to your existing bike setup.

Due to the absence of weight over the front wheel, front hub motor e-bikes may struggle to provide more speed and power. This motor type is ideal for rides on the snow or beach, as it will provide bikers with much-needed extra traction.

Mid-Drive Motors

Mid-drive motors are bolted directly to the bike's crankshaft, which houses the pedals and the drivetrain. These motors are the least common electric bike motors. But they are steadily gaining popularity.

However, their scarcity makes them pricier than other motor types and is utilized in high-end bikes. These motors provide excellent weight balance and are fantastic up long, steep hills. Moreover, mid-drive motors can go faster and farther than front and rear hub motor types.

Rear Hub Motors

Rear hub motors are the most common e-push bike motor types. This motor is installed in the hub of the bike's rear wheel. Unlike front hub motors, rear-hub motors come in different power options.

The ride is also similar to a traditional bike, with the weight typically distributed evenly. In addition, these motors handle a lot of power efficiently. However, they are less capable on steep hills than mid-drive motors.

electric push bike with rear hub motor on the grasslands

Some Electric Push Bike Examples

Now that you know what e-push bikes are used for let's outline three high-quality electric push bikes that would be perfect for most bike lovers!

Wayfarer Electric Bike

It comes with a throttle on the handlebars, and you can thumb it up to make a push when you need some help.

Key Features

Wayfarer Electric push Bike with throttle.

250w gear hub motor

360Wh total battery capacity

7-speed gear system

    LCD digital panel

      40-mile distance per charge
      Price: £949.00

      Polluno Electric City Bike

      Key Features

      a woman rides Polluno Electric City Bike on the road
      • 250w hub-drive motor
      • 65-mile distance per charge
      • 7-speed gear system
      • 522Wh total battery capacity
      • LED Display

      Price: £1,199.00

      Netuno E-Mountain Bike

      Key Features

      a man with helmet is riding netuno ebike uphill
      • 15.5 mph top speed
      • 250w geared hub motor
      • 522Wh total battery capacity
      • 65-mile distance per charge
      • 7-speed gear system

      Price: £1,199.00

      Considering the safety and legality of using e-bikes, we do not recommend installing the throttle handle on the electric bicycle and riding at full load, so we don't supply throttles for new ebikes. However, if you ride in private regions and need help pushing the bicycle forward before pedalling, we have compatible throttle for Polluno and Netuno.

      UK Laws Regarding Electric Push Bikes

      Most electric bikes are legal in the UK, and e-push bikes are no different. However, there are certain rules and regulations UK riders must follow. Let's look at them below.

      • The e-push bike rider must be at least 14 years old.
      • The electric push bike must be equipped with pedals.
      • The electric bike's motor must not be more powerful than 250W.
      • Riders must not ride faster than 15.5 mph.

      The UK government states that any electric push bike that does not meet the requirements and exceeds 15.5 mph is classified as a motorcycle. Therefore, the machine must be registered, insured, and taxed. Moreover, the rider must have a valid driver's license. Furthermore, when riding on public roads, riders are required by law to wear helmets.


      E-push bikes are unique vehicles that make riding easier than ever! These machines offer riders enough power to scale the toughest obstacles. However, note that these bikes consume more electricity -due to frequent charging- than standard e-bikes. So, please browse through the options we highlighted and select an electric push bike that'll be a welcome addition to your garage. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We'll be sure to respond in no time!

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