EMTB Conversion Kit : Are They A Good Buy?

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It is a known fact that electric mountain bikes are costly. However, that shouldn't stop you from getting your dream Emtb. With the suitable ETMB conversion kit, you can start building your electric mountain bike today!

The only thing aside from your conversion kit is your old bicycle. Here, we discuss everything you need to know about converting your everyday bike into an electric mountain bike and the conversion kits you need.

What Is An Electric Mountain Bike

An electric mountain bike is built with a battery and motor, also designed for offroading. Unlike conventional mountain bikes, electric mountain bikes feature pedal assistance or throttle to assist riders in moving the bike.

With an electric mountain bike, you can explore different terrains at a terrific speed you would not obtain from a random bike. Such outstanding feats have made people question the legality of riding an electric mountain bike on a bike trail.

Electric Mountain Bike Conversion Kit Types

Ideally, we have three types of ebike conversion kits. They are the mid-drive conversion kit, front-drive conversion kit, and rear-drive conversion kit. As you'll see in the next section, mid-drive conversion kits are the best option for electric mountain bikes.

Mid-Drive Conversion Kit

mid-drive motor of best emtb

A Mid-drive conversion kit comes with a mid-drive motor fixed between the pedals in the middle of the bike. Unlike the other motors, which apply their power directly to the ebike wheel for assisted riding, mid-drive motors apply their power to the chain.

Regarding mountain biking, the mid-drive conversion kit has numerous advantages over other kits. For instance, gearing is a vital feature in mountain biking. A flexible gearing system allows riders to apply power when taking steep climbs. With a Mid-drive motor, this is possible.

Moreover, positioning the mid-drive motor in the centre makes it easier for mountain bikes to maintain stability in rough terrain. A lightweight mid-drive motor helps it offer a significant amount of torque, which is very important in mountain biking.

Things to Consider Before Conversion

Converting your conventional bike to an electric mountain bike should be a breeze when you know the basics. However, there are some things you should pay attention to before starting. Your conversion becomes easier after you have weighed these factors.


Distance is an essential consideration you should look into before converting your old bicycle. The average electric bike covers as far as 80 miles, depending on the battery, rider weight, and speed. Estimating your everyday travel distance, we help you determine the type of kit you should purchase. It will also test if you need to convert your conventional bicycle.


A battery is a vital part of an ebike. The battery of your ebike determines the effectiveness of your ebike. Most ebike use lithium-ion batteries, as they are safe and reliable.

You must also know that not all ebike conversion kits have a battery. A typical ebike battery is expensive so ensure your kit choice has one.

replace the ebike battery

Bike Weight

The weight of your ebike impacts how comfortable your rides are. Taking a heavy ebike on some terrains is difficult and requires much effort from the rider. Therefore, you should avoid getting ebike kits that make your bike too bulky and difficult to control.

Best Emtb Conversion Kit: Bafang Mid Drive

Bafang is a well-known brand in the ebike motor industry. A lot of ebike companies source their mid-drive motors from Bafang. They also provide everything you need in a typical mid-drive conversion kit. However, this kit works well for bikes with a bottom bracket size between 68 and 73mm.

As a rider, it is pretty easy to configure your ebike with Bafang mid-drive kit. All you need to do is to adjust the pedal assist features to suit your need using either their USB programming lead or software.

At Eskute, you will find some electric bikes that use Bafang mid-drive motors. A typical example is Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike. With this electric mountain bike, a rider can go as far as 80 miles and climb hilly terrains with less resistance.

Polluno Pro Commuter Electric Bike is another ebike that uses a mid-drive motor from Bafang. However, this ebike is not ideal for mountain biking but for commuting on city streets, village lanes, and open roads.

best emtb on the rocks of the mountaintop

Can You Convert A Mountain Bike Into An Ebike

Converting a mountain bike into an ebike is possible, provided you have suitable ebike conversion kits. These kits must include a motor, a battery, varieties of gear, and some cables.

Before converting your mountain bike to an ebike, you must check if your bike is compatible with the conversion kits. Some conversion kits might offer universality for all bike models. However, some of these claims are mostly untrue. You can only know this by doing proper research about the said kit.

Are Ebike Conversion Kits Legal in the UK?

Ordinarily, you are not breaking any law in the UK when you convert your traditional bike into an ebike. Your conversion only becomes illegal if your converted bike doesn't comply with the stipulated UK law for a standard ebike. A standard ebike in the UK should meet the following regulations:

  • The bike must have a pedal for moving it.
  • The power output or the motor manufacturer should be displayed on the ebike.
  • The ebike must show either the maximum speed or voltage.
  • The power output should not exceed 20 watts.
  • You should not be able to ride the bike when travelling more than 25kph.

best electric mtb on the rocks of the mountaintop


Indeed, you can derive much fun and pleasure from riding an electric mountain bike. Getting a reliable Emtb conversion kit is one step toward achieving that. The exciting thing about ebike conversion kits is that you don't have to be a pro before you know how to fix them. Even the cost of installing it in a nearby mechanic is relatively cheap compared to getting a new ebike.

For those interested in getting a new electric mountain bike, Eskute has all you need! Check our collection of electric bikes today and select the one that suits your needs.

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