The Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 2000

ESKUTE mountain bike under 2000 on the mountain slope

The Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 2000 For Fun And Affordable Off-Roading

Are you looking to take your love of mountain biking to the next level? If so, electric mountain bikes are an excellent choice. You get the thrill of the extra speed and power while still being able to tackle the most challenging terrain.

You're spoiled for choice with a wide range of electric bike options on the market. However, most folks' budgets sit around the 2000 mark, which enables you to get a decent bike without breaking the bank. But which bike should you go for? Here is our best electric mountain bike under 2000 recommendations for 2022.

The Cost Of Electric Mountain Bikes in 2022

An electric MTB (mountain bike) will set you back anywhere between £1,000 - £5,000. Which caters for all budgets; however, it's important to note that you get what you pay for.

  • £500 - £1,500: Low to a mid-range hub motor and mid-drive
  • £1,500 - £2,000: Mid-range hub motor and mid-drive
  • £2,000 - £3,000: High-end hub motor and mid-drive
  • £3,000+: Professional grade hub motor and mid-drive

The Difference In Price Ranges

If you're going for a low-end electric MTB, you will buy something that can only stand occasional use. You won't be able to do anything too challenging on this bike as the motor won't have the power to cope.

The mid to high price range is perfect for an all-rounder bike that can be used frequently and handle proper MTB trails and tracks.

The professional grade is for people who take their sport seriously and possibly compete. You will only go for this price range if you ride mountain bikes for a living or have a bottomless budget!

a man with a helmet and backpack is pedalling uphill by ESKUTE mountain bike

What's A Good Amount To Spend On An Electric Mountain Bike?

Between £1,000 - £2,000 is a good amount to spend on an electric MTB. But, before you set a budget, determine what you intend to do with the bike. A good rule of thumb is that the more you plan to use it, the more you should spend.

Many electric bike enthusiasts go for bikes within this price range because you have lots of choices, and buying or replacing accessories and parts is easy.

Should I Risk A Cheaper Bike?

Cheap electric mountain bikes are a good option for budget-conscious individuals who need a bike for occasional or weekend use. However, we don't recommend them for the more serious bike that wants to ride on super steep or rocky terrain.

If gentle, easy slopes and smooth tracks are your things, or if you want an electric mountain bike for commuting on, then a cheaper bike will do the job well.

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 2000: Our Recommendations

Netuno Mountain Bike

ESKUTE mountain bike under 2000 on the rocks

Price: £1,299

A high-quality budget option, the Netuno E-bike has been specially designed for folk who live in urban environments. Blending practicality with fun, it's a fantastic commuter bike that can also offer off-roading capabilities.


The best budget electric mountain bike on the market:

  • Aluminium alloy frame for a lighter ride
  • Can reach speeds of just over 15mph
  • Can achieve a range of up to 65 miles on easy terrain
  • Seven-speed options
  • Comes equipped with a 36V battery giving you the extra power you need to go off-road
  • A rear hub motor to allow for more effortless pedalling
  • The aluminium suspension fork will make lumps and bumps feel smooth and comfortable


While this bike can go off-road, it's unsuitable for more challenging environments.

Buy This Bike If

You want the power and thrill of an electric MTB without emptying your bank account. This bike is best for easy riding and commuting.

Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike

Netuno Pro Electric Mountain Bike under 2000

Price: £1,899

Want something that packs more punch? Then the Netuno Pro Mountain Bike is perfect for you. Although higher in cost than the standard Netuno, this bike can handle anything you throw at it.

It is our favourite option for the more serious mountain biker who relishes steep inclines and demanding trails.


The best electric mountain bike for under 200:

  • Ultra-powerful Bafang M410 mid-engine for smooth riding
  • Can reach speeds of just over 15mph
  • Can achieve a range of up to 80 miles on challenging terrain
  • Nine-speed options
  • Comes equipped with a Samsung lithium cell 36V battery
  • Rear hub motor to make pedalling a breeze
  • Can achieve 80 Nm of torque
  • Full suspension so you can go for it without compromising your comfort


The more expensive option. This bike is for the more serious MTB'er.

Buy This Bike If

You have the cash handy, and you're looking for a superior electric mountain bike that can challenge any environment. The Netuno Pro is built to conquer tricky terrain and off-road tracks.

What Else Do I Need?

When deciding your budget for an electric MTB, don't forget to factor in the accessories cost. These must-have essentials make your ride much safer and more comfortable.

  • A helmet is an essential purchase. Mountain biking is risky, so you need the proper protection.
  • Investing in an ultra-comfortable saddle is also a wise choice to save yourself from a sore rear-end.
  • Don't forget a fast and reliable charger so you can get back to pedalling in double-quick time.

Do I Want A Mid-Drive Or Hub-Motor?

A hub motor is cheaper, so you will find these on the cheaper electric bikes. This motor is more than capable of dealing with easy and casual riding.

If you plan to become king of the mountain or get lost in the winding, steep and rocky trails, you'll need a mid-drive. These motors can stand up to rough riding and give you the juice you need to conquer steep inclines.

The Netuno Pro features a mid-drive; as you probably expect, the standard Netuno features a hub motor.

ESKUTE mountain bike under 2000 at the mountain top


The Netuno brand offers two of the best electric mountain bikes for under 2000. We feel that there's still something for everyone to enjoy even with just two options. Whether you're just starting or you're more of a seasoned pro. Netuno has the electric MTB for you.

We've no doubt you're keen to know more about these two excellent bikes, and we're keen to tell you about them! Why don't you get in touch with us over at Eskute? We'll give you the lowdown on everything E-bike-related, including our other fantastic E-bike options.

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