Battery for Netuno & Polluno Series bikes

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Buying Advice:

1. We recommend that you read the battery information carefully before purchasing. To buy the right battery, check the type of battery on your bike!

2. If you are not sure which type of battery is right for your bike, you can contact us at for quick help and to purchase the right product.

Please give me two photos. (And your previous order number.)

1. Label the battery

2. Battery appearance


Model recommendation:

Battery 36V 14.5Ah is only available for the 2022 Polluno ,netuno polluno pro,netuno pro

Battery 36V 20Ah only for 2023 Polluno Plus/2023 Polluno Pro (with switch, 0 is on, 1 is off)

City bike replacement battery

Bicycle parts

Battery structure: Lithium ion

Built-in frame battery

 These lithium-ion batteries can be removed and locked with a key.

 Use a backup battery to double the range and increase your driving pleasure.

 Here are some tips for using and maintaining your battery.


1. (3A charger) It is recommended not to charge for more than 8 hours per charge. (36V 14.5AH, normal charging time is 5-6 hours; 36V 25Ah, charging time is 7-8 hours).

2. Do not place the battery in a humid environment for a long time.

3, avoid driving in heavy rain; When rinsing the bike, try to avoid the battery and motor areas.

4, do not store the battery loss: that is, charge the battery at least once a month when not in use to maintain its internal activity and battery health.

5, winter protection battery: please stay indoors when charging in winter. Before charging, place the battery in a warm environment (e.g. 18 degrees) for two hours.

6. If you do not ride the electric bicycle for a long time, please take out the battery and store it in a dry and warm place after it is fully charged.

Style: 36V-14.5Ah(For Netuno/Netuno plus/Netuno Pro/Polluno/2022 Polluno Pro)